Attempted Runner.

Weekly Round up – GPS lawnmowing and Zero Drop, Drops.

Not a whole lot has gone on this past week. I did my long run (per training, 3 miles) on Saturday. It was cold and my Asthma wasn’t liking it. I was able to go a little further than normal on my knees. I think I was around 2miles before it started to hurt. I just couldn’t go faster cause my lungs hurt. After my run, we cruised the farmers market, hit up Chipotle, Ross… I finally stopped coughing….and a few other stores.

I spent Sunday, at a car show thing with A and then I mowed the lawn. I used Garfield just because I had him on and it seemed fun.

It was.

1/4 mile later, my lawn was nice and cut again.


Google needs to do an update, cause I no longer have that pool. Once it turned into an eco system, I trashed it. I just couldn’t get the handle on the chlorine thing.


After my 3 mile training run last night, I earned this badge. Yay for multiple running shoes! I also was able to run (and some walking) all three miles without using KT Tape, a brace or any other support. My knees were ok!! Hooray!!! I just hope that keeps up.
I did use these powerade Zero drops in my water last night during my run. Its tastes good (can make it as sweet or unsweetened as you deem necessary) and I’m not sure if it was the powerade or the fact that my knees were A-O-K, but I seemed to be more refreshed and energized. I might use them during Sundays 5 miler and see how I feel. 


Lastly, I reazlied that most of my friends fell off the MyFitnessPal like. I’m the lone ranger, but that’s ok.


I’ll write a better blog post after Saturdays Rock n’ Roll Run San Jose expo and the “mini marathon” (5 miles) RnR run on Sunday.


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You’re doing a fantastic job! Great stuff! 😉

Comment by mwillis88

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