Attempted Runner.

One too many squats and I’m more of a NOT-ary.

Week 2 of training shouldn’t be hard. It’s week two for goodness sake. Week 3 or 4 maybe, because you get into more runs and more muscles-are-starting-to-feel-all-the-cross-training. Week 3/4 all makes sense, but not week 2, I barley got started.

Week 2 was easy. Monday run 2 miles. Tuesday NTC. Wednesday rest. Thursday kettlebell, Friday yoga, Sat. 3 mile run and sun. Rest.

What really happened: Monday was a tough 2 miles. My stupid ITBS decided to shoot some pains into my knee somewhere towards the end. I did my 2 miles, but it sucked and made me get that, why am I even doing this – I’m not a runner attitude.
Tuesday, I forgot why, but I ended up not even doing my workout at all.
Wedneday, I decided I’d swap Tuesday and Wednesday. I did the NTC workout and why do squats have to be so…..I don’t know what word I am looking for is. They are bad, but good all that the dame time. After 30 mins. of a lot of leg work, I could barley walk without Jell-o legs. I was able to stand tall when trying on my wedding dress though.
Thursday – I didn’t do my workout because my boss had this crazy idea to have me be a notary, as well as my other 15 job titles. She said my training and exam were Friday (as in 9/27). However, she told me this on Tuesday (yes, just three days prior!!). I decided I had to study instead.
Friday – My hamstrings didn’t want to work because of all the lunges and squats from Wednesday. Why is it, two days later you always feel it more? Or is that just me? I walked around with the sore swagger.


When I sat up or down, I made grunting noises. Oh it was fun. I also sat in this Notary class/exam from 730-530. I would like to say I did well, but I don’t think I did. I don’t care what people say, that shit is hard. It’s one thing to study and have a good instructor, it’s another to only have 3 days to study and have an instructor that was so wishy washy. Its a lot to learn and I was getting so confused. The instructor was like, “It’s a felony to do this… excuse me, I said that wrong…it’s a misdemeanor.” “A acknowledgment needs this….no excuse me, I said that wrong…a jurot needs this.” Rinse and repeat that for the entire class. Even the notaries who were there for recertification were answering questions wrong and looked just as confused as I was…and they’ve been doing it for 4+ years! By the time the test came around, I was answering like him….oh it’s A. Wait…no it’s C. Fuck! What did he say? I could only get 9 out of 30 wrong. I think I may have gotten 10-11 wrong. I was fine with it earlier today, but now I can’t sleep from it. I wouldn’t say it’s entirely my fault becaud the instructor couldn’t get his words right and I had such short notice so I couldn’t study as much as I’d like too, but “I’m smarter than that.” I should pass it the first time. Specially if my co worker passes and I don’t. That’ll be horrible because she’s not one of the fastest learners. Unless she knows how to play dumb really well in order to not have a lot of duties assigned to her. In my position at work, if I fail, it’ll suck even more. Not to brag, but my co-workers and boss have me on this pedestal, you’re-smart-you-know-everything-you-never-mess-up (hence my 15 job titles), and if I didn’t pass….then crap.
Anyway, I ended up doing a full hour of yoga to help loosen my hammies up and to detox from this notary nonsense.
Tomorrow (it’s really today, Saturday, as its 1am) is a 3 mile run. J and I plan to do the flat course. I hope it goes better than the rest of the week. I’m still deciding if I should take my scheduled rest day on Sunday or do something since I skipped Thursday. I did do an hour of yoga instead of the 30 minutes, but I don’t really consider yoga much of a workout. It’s tough but it’s too easy. It’s like squats.

The good news in all this, In my last post I mentioned I gained 4 lbs of wedding dress stress. I think after getting my dress on Wedneday, my stress deflated because I was 159.8 this morning.


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I hate the notary class!! It is an all day brain suck, kudos for just getting through it! I have to re-certify next year and am not looking forward to it. Good luck dress shopping!

Comment by Falyn

Do you have to take the exam every year? or just do that 3 hour refresher course?

and thanks on the dress shopping, but I already got it! Last Wednesday, I found the PERFECT one that I was looking for.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Congrats on the dress!!

As for the notary class, once you’re bonded, you’re good for 3 years. Then you take the class and the test again. The process just seems to take forever.

Comment by Falyn

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