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Race Recap: Drag-N-Fly 5k Trail Run


At 5 a.m, the moon is bright, the air is warm and my alarm is do-do-da-looing in my ear. I get up, glad to see I was able to walk (I slept wrong and my leg got stiff. At one point during the night, I was unable to move it. Doing leg swings at 1 am sure does help). I got dressed…then got dressed again….then dressed again. I couldn’t decide what to wear! Two days ago I had my outfit laid out, so nothing should have been a problem. This morning, I didn’t want to wear my blue tank. I didn’t want to wear my pink tank. I finally went with my grey tank with neon yellow (cause it matched my compression socks), but after looking through J’s pictures of the day….and seeing photos of me from behind, grey wasn’t the best choice. My shorts are black in front but grey in the back… Grey shorts with a grey shirt, it was like I was in my Jr. High school’s gym class with a horrible mandatory dress code all over again. Only this time, I wasn’t forced to wear the light grey sweat pants and sweat shirt. I voluntarily wore dark grey sweatpants shorts and sweatshirt. It wasn’t pleasant. Good thing I don’t really have to look at myself while I’m running. It does make total sense as to why I was never voted best dressed in school either.

 1278809_10201604665870483_2089312703_oKeeping things Classy while standing on the grassy.

I go to the bathroom, finish getting dressed, go to the bathroom, eat breakfast, go to the bathroom…….HA.

I may not actually be “going” to the bathroom while I’m in there, but I want to make sure I get what I can out, so I won’t have any road problems. :::shrugs:::: I had Nachos the night before. Besides, I despise port-a-johns.

 During the last bathroom adventure, J and TR texted that they are just down the way. Because I had plans later with A, I decided to take my own car and just follow the girls out there that way I was able to leave early for my other engagements. So, I jump in my car and catch up to them on the freeway. We drove to Contra Loma Park, and didn’t have a problem getting into the park. Those park entry gate girls worked fast!

I used my handheld water bottle that I bought the other day and I didn’t have to gear up a whole lot. I was introduced to TR’s friends, T and EnglishT, who both were running their first 5k’s. TRAIL runs at that! I liked EnglishT’s accent. I can listen to her talk all day long. In fact, any English/Australian accent, I can listen to all day. I sometimes wish that my Kindle provides the voice options of: Male, Female, Accent.

J, the three T’s and myself go walk to the starting line because the 3T’s needed to get their bibs. They get checked in and we head back to the car. TR can’t find her phone. I joke around that we’re doing the missing ATM card fiasco again! She gives up looking for it and thinks she left it back at the starting area. We walk back and her phone wasn’t at the bib pick up area, so we went to the Race Director area and sure enough…Sam had it! Good thing she lost it at a place with a bunch of honest runners, otherwise, she’d never see it again.


Here’s our shirts. J got the pink girls one. I don’t really like girl cut t-shirts, so I usually go for the mens. I love mine! Brazen Racing must have gotten a new vendor or something because these T-shirts are the most comfiest shirts ever! They’re so soft and light and it feels like you’re wearing nothing! We also got a new snack pack thing – Sierra Crunch. Its a trail mix that has peanuts, almonds, chocolate, cranberries and OMG!! PINEAPPLE! It was really good and I was really sad when my bag was empty.

Its about 10 minutes to our start, so we pick a spot on the lawn and stretch/warm up (I think this is were I got the twig in my shorts, that I only found AFTER the run was over. That was awkward). Five minutes to go, we head over to the corrals. 2 minutes left , I start up Garfield (I’ll have to teach J this lesson….she started it with only 30 seconds to start. You can’t find GPS in 30 seconds!).

5 seconds.





I crossed the starting line, watched for gopher holes and finally made it out of the typical starting line bottle neck. A few months ago, prior to signing up for this event, J and I both hiked this trail to see how tough the hills were. I’m still fairly new on the whole trail run thing and the hills do frighten me. During our hike the hills didn’t seem all that bad. I must have been too busy focusing on the rogue cows to pay attention to the hills because man…the first mile was a solid incline. It wasn’t anything crazy, just a steady uphill. I think halfway in I wanted to walk, but because PyschoC was there….I didn’t want her to beat me (she didn’t) and I kept running. Due to the previous weeks of ITBS pain, I did walk between 0.8-0.9 mile, because I didn’t want to overdue it.  I did the first mile in 12:54. The first mile, it always my best.

We came up to our first big hill, an elevation gain of 100, in a short amount of time. I was able to run up it half way but it seemed to have gotten steeper and walked. At the top, I regained control of my breathing, drank some water and ran again. The second hill was another steady uphill. The way down, I actually had to walk because it felt like my ITBS was starting to get aggravated more so.

I noticed that when I was going up the hills, I was starting to get fuzzy eyed. Not sure if it was a delirious thing or just because I was looking down and all the cracks in the ground were making my eyes go funky. I kept looking down because I didn’t want to trip or anything. Knowing my luck, I’d fall in a deep crack and never be seen again. I drank some more water and walked a little bit so I could not trip while looking out at the lake to let my eyes go back into focus.

I arrived at the water station which had ice cold water! That was refreshing! And then…UP we go. This wasn’t much different than the first big hill, except that it was 150ft elevation gain. A lady behind me, was complaining to her kid the entire way up about how steep it was and that she couldn’t even do it….I walked faster. Compared to other races I’ve done (Lagoon Valley) this was nothing. She annoyed me. As I was coming back down, it was more steep than all the other downs we’ve done and my ITBS could tell. I walked even slower down that hill.

Mile two was 16:27.

The last 3rd of the course was pretty much flat and I was happy about that. So was my IT band. My knee start to hurt a lot more because of all the downhill stress, but I still obtained a negative split. Mile 3 was 13:58 and I finished with an overall time of 45:43. Garfield had 3.19 miles but I’m not sure what Brazen had for the true mileage. Apparently, I wasn’t listening to Sam when he was giving the pre race information.

Overall, I was glad that I was able to run more than the last race because I still say walking an entire race is not fun. I was still a little bummed that my knee is still giving me issues. Hopefully with the PT stretches and my cross training, it’ll get better.

I stuck around long enough to eat pineapple, take some pictures and be apart of the, “I LOST MY WATERBOTTLE” extravaganza from TR. I swear…I’m going to get her a backpack that we can load everything into, so she doesn’t loose a thing. As I was driving home it started to pour! We beat the rain! I never have ran in the rain. Surprisingly, I want to. By the time I got home, showered, got ready and ate, A no longer wanted to go to Billetproof. He didn’t want to go since it was raining. I ended up spending the afternoon looking at Google images. A and I did go out for a bit and my knee was killing me! However, towards the end of our outing my knee started to feel a little better. It was like walking around actually loosened it up. Now, it does hurt but not like it was earlier.

When I got back, I was reviewing my time today to my previous races and decided that I got a PR. By all means, if you look at my run log, this is not my fastest trail run time but this was my fastest trail run with steep hills! So far, my fastest “trail” runs that I’ve done have had rolling hills that only have an elevation gain of like 10ft. (Bad Bass 39:50),  have been flat (Western Pacific 41:04) and not even sure if it was a full 5k (Fleet Feet trail run 38:44).  If I take those three (my current top three fastest trail runs), then today, I did set a PR by 8 seconds!!!   EIGHT SECONDS WHILE STILL DEALING WITH AN INJURY! I’LL TAKE IT!!!

After justifying that to myself, I felt a lot better about todays run.

In other news, when I started my blog I had hopes that I’d eventually be one of those popular bloggers that everyone likes and companies start sending me their products to test (I’ve think I’ve mentioned before, that I have high hopes). Well, this never happened before, I start a blog and so far in the last 2 months I’ve gotten products in the mail!

I’ve gotten Scotts toilet paper and Knorr’s Red Rice seasoning pack.



I haven’t used the rice yet, as I just got it yesterday but the toilet paper, I did use. Should I take these free products seriously and dedicate a whole blog post to my thoughts and opinions on toilet paper? I mean,  I am a runner :::gives victory arms::: and since I do use the restroom (apparently 3+ times on race mornings) and have high expectations for toilet paper, I should be able to provide an honest review.


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PsycoC…. I just died laughing.

And yes to the TP review.

Great job (again) today!

Comment by Runningfromitall

OMG….PsycoC. (Lets just say I burst out laughing @ a party where everyone was silent) .

As for that TR chick she really needs to get it together, I think she is crazy & she does need a backpack apparently.

You seam to have done great today ……again. Good work!

Comment by Mamaof2


Comment by Attempted Runner

Congrats on the PR (with steep hills). Well done!

Comment by PaulSmuts

Nice PR and that is one cool medal

Comment by Cheryl

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