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Best day in training: Rest day

As mentioned earlier, my training started on Monday. I did my two miles. Tuesday was my 30 minute cross training day. I did the 30 minutue fighter fit workout off the Nike Training Club (NTC) app. Now, I haven’t done a cross training type workout since my fake heart attack episode 1.5 months ago. Now, the workout itself wasn’t hard. I didn’t sweat as much as I had in the past. The giant 24″ swamp fan might have had a play in that. I didn’t feel that it was as strenuous. Could mean I’m getting stronger either though I haven’t done much or it means I didn’t push as hard. I don’t think that’s the case. I did the workout how I normally would, so I’m going with…I’m getting better, stronger, at it. I only swapped out two of the routines (lateral side hops and high knee jumps) because with my knees acting the way they do I wanted to eliminate the hard impacting moves. I replaced those two with knee raises and bicycles.
Earlier in the day my knees were hurting. By the end of work they were killing me and I wasn’t too keen on the idea of doing the workout. I ignored that feeing and did the workout anyway. In the beginning….they hurt, through the routine they were decent, the end they were ok. Making dinner they were hurting again but towards the end of the night they were good again. Today they don’t hurt as much as before either…so that’s always an upper.
Today, is…wait for it…a rest day. Although I forgot how much my butt and thighs are after a good amount of lunges and squats, I was still feeling up for it to do some yoga or something.

12:30 rolls around and all my plans go out the window. After eating lunch, I was flossing my teeth. Tooth cracks in half. Just my luck right? I’m convinced it’s the prior 3+ years of being poisioned by Gluten that ruined my bones/teeth. Moving forward… I called my dentist and he was able to sqeeuze me in. Turns out, my tooth pretty much split down the middle, but not all the way in half. I get the joys of scheduling a root canal. He put a filling over it to keep the nerve from aching (from air/liquids) and to kinda hold it together.

So after dealing with that and sitting in traffic for an hour, oh bay area commute how I do not miss you (my commute to work is only 8 miles, round trip), I decided to stick with the schedule and just have a rest day. Besides, I keep drooling from all the novicane and I don’t want to drool on the yoga mat, slip and fall and bust my eyebrow open on the dresser.

Call me accident prone.

Best day in training? No. Best day in training is when I get to train. Who schedules a rest day only the second day in?


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Maybe it’s a bad week for runners’ teeth. One of my crowns fell off in the 9th mile of my half marathon on Sunday. I’m just glad I didn’t lose the darn thing. They’re expensive!

Comment by Pandora Viltis

Oh ya!! I read that. I think yours was more interesting because you were running. I was at least fiddling with my teeth when it broke.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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