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The day I became legit is also the day that training started.

   IMG_20130913_143442I really like that picture above. I found it off Pinterest from some girl named Laurie. Not sure if she made it or stole it from somewhere else. Now a days, who knows who the real owner of things are.

More exciting news:

I GOT A DOMAIN!!! I wasn’t going to purchase one until I had at least 100 blog followers because then I’d feel like I’m at least I’m interesting enough and then when your interesting it’s only fitting to be interesting with a .com name….but Brandi Reynolds said, “If you want it, just get it.” So, earlier today, that is exactly what I did.

Please, hold your applause. I’m still the same old person I was before, just with a .com name!  Check it out!

Ok, obviously if you’ve been to my blog before and just clicked the link above then its nothing exciting because it’s all stuff you’ve seen before. With that being said, today also was the first day in my training program!

Yesterday, I went to Sports Basement with a 10% off coupon. I only was going to purchase a less aggressive foam roller because the one I have now (that Trigger Point one) is too much on certain areas and makes me not want to do it at all. I know foam rollers are little pieces of death makers themselves and you’re suppose to have some kind of “OMG!” reactions, but I just couldn’t take it. Lets just say that I went in with a foam roller in mine and I walked out with a little more.


Not only did I get the foam roller, but I also got the handheld water bottle holder by Nathan. J was saying that it was time for some new shoes as hers are about to be retired. While I was at Sports basement, I noticed that they had her New Balance 860V3 on sale for $80. I called her up and she said, buy them! Since I had my coupon she got her shoes for $78 after tax and overall I saved like $12. I contemplated on getting myself another pair of the 860v3s but I resisted. It was hard, but I did it.

I made a pit stop on the way home to Staples and got a monthly white board calendar so I can log my training. I spent about an hour laying out my training plan out on the board. I ended up using the Nike Training plans because I like them, but rather than just copying it down, day by day, I modify it a bit. I had to accommodate for race days. I also removed some of their NTC workout plans and added my own; Bosu Ball, elliptical, bicycle (if A ever gets it down from the hooks in the garage for me). That way, my training has more of a variety and will keep me away from the boredom rut.

Since I’m pretty much starting out from scratch again after my latest injury……

Side Note: I got X-rays done just to make sure I didn’t tear my meniscus and they came back ok. No sign of degenerative arthritis or something else. I forgot what my doc said. Bottom line, my knees are ok. He did refer me to a physical therapist though who said that it sounded like I had ITBS and/or patella-femoral syndrome. The PT did a phone consult first and sent me a pamphlet with stretches and strength exercises that she wants me to do for a few weeks. If my knee doesn’t get better or gets worse, then she’ll make an appointment and see me in person.

……I’ve decided that for the next 18 weeks, I’m going to break it up my training into three sections. The first 6 weeks I’ll be doing a 5k program. I figure I can go slow and not jump right into training too quickly. Hopefully by then, my knees won’t be weaklings anymore and I won’t need to see a PT. I can then step it up a notch. If all goes well, the second segment (week 7-12) I’ll do a 10k training program. If I continue to do ok and no problems arise, I’ll have the last 6 weeks (segment 3) to a Half Marathon training. If my knees are not up for the challenge, I’ll just continue the last segment with the cross training schedule the same, but keep the mileage around 10k’s, at the most.

Since my first training day (for the 5k) instructed me to do an easy 2 miles, that’s what I did. I also took this opportunity to test out my Nathan handheld.

IMAG1330I noticed that when I was doing some of the 5k’s, I thought it was a little overkill to be wearing my hydration belt and it also got annoying. I got the handheld so I can ditch the hydration belt and go light. This one has a 22 oz. water bottle and a water-resistant pouch for my phone and keys. I thought it would be too heavy and annoying once filled up and holding my phone but during my run today it was alright. At first it was a little weird, but towards the end I got use to it. I’m excited though….I have the iPod armband tan, the Garmin tan, the ankle sock tan, starting to get the shorts tan…I just can’t wait till I get the water bottle holder hand tan.

During my run, I did the first mile in a little less than 14 minutes. I got a little ache in my knee so I walked maybe 1/8th mile or less. Because my knee was hurting, I stopped for a second to get my knee brace on. I started the second mile with a walk to adjust to the knee brace (make sure it was on comfortably) and then I did a combo of walking and running. It wasn’t until the last 1/4 mile that my knee started to really hurt so I slowed down. I think I did that one in 16 minutes.

Like a good physical therapy patient, I did my PT stretches and foam rolled. Grabbed some lunch, got ready and went to Cheesecake Factory to pick up a cheesecake because it’s A’s 30th birthday. With him being 30 today, that just means that my birthday is coming up soon. I’m going to be 30. Maybe that’s why I’m signing up for more trail runs than I have in the past…its going to be the year of the Dirty 30!


After A’s birthday dinner and when I was walking I got that sharp pain in my knee again. The one that makes me stop in my tracks. I’m like, “REALLY?….Asshole.”

Yes..I call my body parts that hurt, derogatory names. And yes…I’m ok with that.

I figured I would take an Epsom salt bath to help release whatever is holding my ITBS up. It seemed to help the last time and I heard it was good for releasing that kinda thing. I grabbed my salt and my Mr. Bubble and sweated away. I lasted a whole 30 minutes this time! I realized they should call it an Epsom SWEAT bath because that’s all you do. I think I wiped my head like 5 times and it wasn’t helping…Look at that sweat glisten!



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So cool you got the domain name!!! And I feel ya on all the random runner tans I have. 😉

Comment by Brandi

[…] The day I became legit is also the day that training started. […]

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