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[Virtual] Race Recap: Freedom Run
09.14.13, 12:29
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The other day, J told me that TR has jumped on the running wagon. AWESOME! TR has done two races with us already and apparently, after the second run she went nuts. She found this website that does virtual runs and signed up for five races or something like that. For TR this works out (mom with two littles, she can have it work around her schedule rather than having to work her schedule around a run). Anyway, this company….I’m not to sure if its Muffins to Marathons or Fit4Life, as both titles are on the header of their website, but they do host these virtual runs. You can print out bibs, certificates of completion, you get a finishers medal shipped to you and from the looks of it, most of the races benefit some sort of organization.
I’ve heard of virtual races before but didn’t see a point. They just seemed like individual runs, so it took out the fun of a “race.” Because there are no legit tracking methods, I thought everyone would be a liar on their times too (maybe for 98% this isn’t the case, but I wouldn’t put it past someone).
Well on Tuesday, J said that she signed up for the Freedom Run (since then, J also signed up for 5 more as well). The Freedom Run is a virtual memorial run for those affected most by 9/11 and some of the proceeds go to the Tuesdays Children oranganization (9/11 fund for victims and such).

J asked if I wanted her to sign up me up.

I was/am still dealing with, what now seems to be determed as, ITBS so I hesitated. $40 to run (a minimium of) 2.97 miles (actually, it was 2.977 because they said it would be for the 2,977 victims of 9/11) seemed really far and after Trail hog, it didn’t seem that appealing. Even more so since it was virtual.

After a long time thinking about it….3 1/2  minutes, I had her register me. I figured I had from 9/11 to 11/11 (Make a wish!!) to run those miles, and I had a few races coming up so I’d just count that towards it.

I got off work and sat around for a bit, thinking about this Freedom run. When should I do it? Where? Run, walk? It’s a 9/11 thing and what was I doing on 9/11? Just sitting on my butt. Yes, my knees are idiotic…but whatever. Tribute/memorial runs on specific days usually are for good reason.

So, I got my lazy ass off the sofa, did the recommended stretches from my phys. therapist (I’ll post about that later) and laced up. I set my laptop up on the treadmill because really….it’s the only thing appealing about a treadmill…..that my laptop fits perfectly on the bookholder shelf lip thing.

I figured 2.98 (rounded up from 2.977 for good luck) miles walking, jogging or running its still 2.98 tribute miles. least I could do, right?

I started to jog…then went to a slower run. I didn’t wear my knee brace or any KT tape so I just figured I’ll walk when my knees start to hurt. Latley its been around .50 – .80 miles before the old knees start to ache. So, I’m running along watching Jax Teller when I realize I was at 1 mile. This is promising. However, just to be on the safe side, I walked for a bit. I continued on varying between walks, jogs and runs and it wasn’t until 1.68 that my knees started to ache. This is still farther than previous attempts. I took a few longer walk breaks but ran on. Finally, around 2.70 I had to walk the rest. My knees started to get the pain. I finished up my 9/11 tribute miles, on 9/11….oh, and at 9:11 minutes in, I gave a salute.

I did some stretches, made dinner and while I ate, I iced up the knees. A little later, before bed, I rolled too.

I woke up the next morning and felt ok. By the time I got to work my right knee (the one with the ITBS issues) was killing me. I still had to walk 1/2 miles to our other building for pick up some things but I sucked it up and did it.  On the way back it started to loosen up and I was “fine” again. It’s now 4 days later and they feel tired and achey but whatever. I was able to go 2.7 without having to completly stop to walk. It’s like I’m Gallowing. That’s a big improvement from the .50-.80 mileage before. I’ll take what I cam get.

I logged my time onto the website (for the finishers medal) and posted it on the typical social media sights that I did it the run. I may have done it slowly and had to walk…but doing 2.98 miles in 44:10 on injured knees is nothing compared to what other people suffered on 9/11. My injury doesn’t exists in that sense…..I had to do it….and I did.


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That is wonderful new. I am so happy that your knee held up & your pushed through. Maybe your body just needed that quick few days break. Great Job!!!!! How are you feeling about the virtual races now though? Still blah? See you next weekend. Run Up & Fly Down!

Comment by Christina

Wouldn’t say my knees are healed but doing better. Can’t complain there I guess. Not sure yet about how I feel on virtuals. They are easy though since I don’t have to commute anywhere. Pay for parking, do the bib pickup thing…wake up early!!! I’ll let you know when I get my medal. Hahaha. Jk. Next weekend will be fun. I’m hoping I can run most. I got a week left. We’ll see. And DRAG up, fly down…silly.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I love reading your updates 🙂 I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Shine On Award.

Comment by Falyn

Well thanks!!!!

Comment by Attempted Runner

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