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Shine on 80th post!

It only seems fitting that my 80th post be geared towards this Shine On award thing.  I’ve actually been nominated twice (in the past two weeks) for this and since I’m fairly new to the blogging world, I don’t know a whole much about this  award things. Since I got two nominations…what the heck? Why not? I actually got a third a few months back, but I was lazy and never did anything with it…Oopsie.


So, basically, according to the rules, I must:

1. Visit and thank the blogger who nominated you.

2. Acknowledge that blogger on your blog, and link back.

3. Share seven random, interesting things about yourself.

4. Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs

5. Copy and paste the award somewhere on your blog   

So here goes..

#1 and #2 lumped together:

Like I mentioned I’ve been nominated twice in the last two weeks or so. One nomination was by RunningToHerDreams, whom I already follow via WordPress and Instagram. The other nomination was by SlackerRunner, which I find rather funny because at one point I referred to myself as the Attempted Runner, Convicted Slacker. Now I’m the Attempted Runner, but got myself a new blogger to follow whose the Slacker Runner…except after reading a few posts from her (I just started following her today!) I don’t think she’s very slacker-esque.  Well…at least not lately. :0)  Anywho, thanks to the both of them for the Nominations. RunningToHerDreams, I continue to enjoy your posts and SlackerRunner, I look forward to reading more!

3. The seven random things about Me…. I think I gave most of my random facts in my “about me” section…so lets see. Another random 7:

  1. I sometimes have a hard time falling asleep at night, so in order to actually fall asleep, I’ll use my very creative imagination and kind of write a book/movie in my head. I only have one “story” that I have been “writing” in my head for the last 2-3 years now….except it must not be very good. Because if it was, then I’d get farther along than I am…If it was an actual book, I’d only be at the second or third chapter. HAHA. Like I said, it makes me fall asleep. So far, I have the intriguing intro that gains the attention of the audience. I’ve established the main character and a significant co-lead.  The “enemy” of the book and the very mysterious, something weird about him, handsome as all hell, male swoon-fest. I don’t “write” this story all the time, but when I do, I usually back up a bit, recap what I already “written” and then go from there….but then I fall asleep so I never really get passed that part. What??? The question said RANDOM INTERESTING things about me…If by interesting, they mean weird, then point achieved.
  2. I have high hopes that one day I’ll gain at least 100 followers. Once I get to 100 blog followers I told myself I’d buy myself a domain name. It’s kind of awkward to say, Oh Yea…I’m the attempted runner…except you need to go to to read it. It would be so much easier to just say Please, no one steal my domain name…I only need 51 more followers to go! Unless I give in and do it at 50. Whose my 50th reader?
  3. I’ve been contemplating on going back to school, yet, I don’t like school. I was looking into those online schools where you can get degrees and stuff, but usually get turned away by the ones that require some sort of intern type of thing. My newest interest in education, is as of a Nutritionist. I’ve been searching for schools. Sorta.
  4. I Googled, “What to write about for my random facts” – I guess my overly creative imagination isn’t as creative as I thought…since I had to Google what to write about. I only need 7 for goodness sakes.
  5. I don’t like eye-drops. You can’t put them in my eyes and if I see someone putting them into their own eyes I look away…..and my eyes start to water. A lot. Just thinking about it makes my eyes water. I can touch my eye no problem. I can splash water, no problem but eye drops? No way in hell. I have the same reaction as it is when Monica tried to give Rachel her eye drops.
  6. The only thing that I regret not doing in High School was participating in some kind of sport. I was the shy awkward kid who wanted to blend in. The athletes didn’t blend in. If I didn’t care then what people think, as much as I don’t care now….I would have done it.
  7. I’ve always wanted to go to an sleep away summer camp, but never had the chance. Nor did I actually know about summer camps before High School and by then….I wouldn’t have wanted too (see #6). However, if I started a summer camp around age 10 and went every year…maybe my High School life would have been different. I would have been in the popular leadership clique. HA!

4. Nominate up to 15 people for the Shine On Award, in no particular order…except how they are listed on my “Blogs I follow” log:

  1. You Signed Up For What?!
  2. Brandi Reynolds – Dirt Runner Diaries
  3. Running From It All
  4. RaceBunny
  5. The Zero Drop
  6. In My Head
  7. Back At Square Zero
  8. Mile23
  9. Run, Hemingway, Run!
  10. RunKnitTravel
  11. Really A Runner
  12. Slow is the New Fast
  13. Behold The Turtle
  14. Dopey Runner: Yvonne
  15. All The Weigh

5. This post counts, right?

The 15 I’ve chosen, feel free to participate. You don’t have too…I won’t stop reading your blog posts though. Just so we’re clear.


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LMAO I am the same with eye drops! I have a friend at work who out weights me by 100 pounds and this is who has to suprise eye drop me when it becomes nessasary lol

Comment by hikeinspired

I had my mom, cousin and sister holding me once…I still don’t think I got any drops in.

Comment by Attempted Runner

LOL…its torture!

Comment by hikeinspired

Also I think this is cool I will do it tomorrow after work…have to grt ready now 😦

Comment by hikeinspired

I never did any sports in HS either. I wish I had discovered running early because I think I really would have liked cross country.

Comment by BackatSquare0 (@BackAtSquare0)

Thank you for the Shine On nomination.

Comment by RunKnitTravel

Thanks for the nomination!! And my advice? Just go get the domain name if you want it. What difference does it make how many followers you have? 🙂

Comment by Brandi

This is true. Registered. Purchased….I have a domain!!!!!! I’m legit now! Thanks.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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