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Race Recape: Disneyland Inaugural 10k


Last weekend was the Disneyland Half Marathon weekend which included the inaugural 10k. Since I was not yet ready to run another half and at the time, didn’t know that it was possible to do the 5k and the 10k both the same day, I only participated in the 10k. Which was fine by me because I was a part of history in the making. The first 10k in Disneyland.

We left around 8am on Thursday morning and spend the next 7 hours on the most beautiful views of highway 5. You Californians, I hope you understand the humor in that. Because of the long drive, we didn’t want to get stiff or anything so we made a stop at the rest stop near Kettlemans. This is when I took full advantage of the Butt stop.


We got settled into our hotel. We stayed in Garden Grove because the hotel was cheaper than staying closer (It was worth it because we had one of those suites that have a full on kitchen with a stove, pots/pans, silver wear, etc.). It was only maybe 7 miles away and if we took the side streets it took us right by Target in case we needed something. We stopped in twice.

Around 5, we went to the park and renewed our annual passes, played around, had dinner and  I gave J her birthday gift. I gave it to her a week early only because it was a Pink Garmin forerunner 10 that she was able to use for the first time at the first inaugural 10k. It only seemed fitting.

Friday, we got up and went straight to the expo. One three-letter word to describe the expo; OMG!!! I’ve been to a few Disney expo’s already and it was nothing like this. I wanted to punch someone in the face! We get there and it seemed to be normal. We were maybe the first 100 – 200 people in line to get our bibs, still again, this is normal.  We go in, get our bibs and head up to the expo. We had a plan that needed to be executed properly so we went straight to the Team Sparkle/Sparkle Skirt area for J to get her Minnie Skirt (She went with Sparkle Skirt). We got our race T-shirt and then this is about the time when all hell broke loose. There were soooo many people. The RunDisney merchandise was soooooo packed with people that they were not letting any more people into that area. You actually had to stand in a line just to wait to look at merch. I think that line may have been about 30 – 45 minute wait. I decided I didn’t need any special Disneyland Half weekend merchandise (the only thing I would have got was the grey 10k mad hatter shirt) because I didn’t want to stand in the line to purchase the merch. Those of you who did….are nuts. That line was about 2 hours long!  We did however, have to wait in the New Balance line for the limited edition RunDisney shoe. Once we got that and a few other things (KT tape, a stick, other things I can’t recall – I didn’t buy much) we high tailed it out of there. I was getting anxious and a little frustrated too. Some people that were in line for the limited edition RunDisney new balance shoes (obese and in wheel chairs trying shoes on) and some of the people in line with RunDisney merch (holding every single item available – 15 shirts/jackets, cups, etc.) clearly were only there for the items to eventually sale on EBay for an arm and a leg…not because they were actually partaking in the weekend. This only made me mad because when we went back on Saturday all the merch was pretty much gone, so all the half marathoners who were picking up their bibs didn’t have any special RunDisney/Disneyland Half merchandise to buy! If that was me and if it was my first half, I would have been so pissed. RunDisney should have at least kept some items in stock for the next day and not sell it all.

I guess overall, as long as we got what we planned on getting, it wasn’t that bad. J mostly wanted the shoes. That was like the #1 thing on her list. I wasn’t going too, but I ended up getting the Mickey NB shoes (I got the mens because they are more black than red).


ANYWAY! We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out in Disneyland and California Adventure park, having lovely gluten-free dining experiences (Jesse from Rancho Del Zocalo is by far one of the best chefs) and heading home to stretch, stick, foam roll, ice all essential body parts and go to bed early.


1236520_669683573043118_2054739139_nRace day was upon us and the alarms went off at 3am. Right off the bat, I already knew that this was going to be a tough one. 3am and it was already 81 degrees. Shoot me now.

 We arrived at the staging area around 5am (race started at 530) and it was a little irritating. In January during my half, RunDisney had each corral sections off with a volunteer at the only entrance for each corral checking Peoples bibs. This race, didn’t have that and you can pretty much just go to whatever corral you wanted. I used the honor system and also race etiquette (there is a reason for corrals so people with the same pace and go together rather than having to bob and weave through the slow pokes).  I know there were some who weren’t following the honor system. When they had corral B go, even the announcers were saying that they had some C’s and D’s in there. They had C start and they really didn’t section off D, so we kinda just flowed in with C and didn’t have any special start. I hope the corrals were a little more well-organized for the half (Although, I read some tweets saying that it was a little hectic then too).

It was now time for us to cross the starting line and begin our run. J had her Garmin (dubbed Aurora) and rather than pressing start, she cancelled the GPS. She finally got it going about .04 miles in. I started out running and tried to hang in as long as I could. Around .70 my knees were hurting. I wanted to make it to 1 mile, but had to stop around .85. By mile 1.5 I got that sharp pain and had to walk.


Mile 2, I cried. I cried because my knee did hurt. I cried because its frustrating as all hell. I was looking forward to this race since they first announced it. I trained and I trained hard for this run and how do I end up spending it? Injured, crying and walking.

Mile 3, I slathered some BioFreeze on. Although it didn’t do much, I tried to pretend that it did. I fake smiled for all the cameras and just kept going.

Mile 4 I just walked the entire time looking down and contemplated things.

Mile 5 I wanted to quit. Badly.

Mile 6 I was mad that I still had .2 to go.

By the time I finished, I just wanted to go home. Not the hotel home, but HOME HOME…7 hours away home. I was angry and didn’t want to be around all the happy people carrying their medals with pride. I felt like I didn’t deserve my medal because I walked it. It’s called RunDisney, not WalkDisney. I got some ice for my knees and left.    1235534_10201473705316551_464145103_n

This was my costume btw. I was Donald and I made that hat… don’t make fun of how Donald is cross eyed. I apparently can make a foam visor with the skilled techniques of Martha Stewart, but I can’t draw black eyeballs with a permanent marker.

After more icing, medicating, rolling, sticking, showering and changing we went back to Disneyland because we had reservations for the Thunder Mountain BBQ. My spirits started to lift a little after the BBQ, but each time someone mentioned something about running the 10k….the congratulations…the How’d you do?….the in this heat??? I was getting bummed out all over again.

After spending the day in Disney and melting away… was 97 degrees with a real feel of 103 with like 400% humidity… knees were hurting. We left the park around 8 or so, just to do it all over again on Sunday (without the Run).  We were suppose to go back to the park again on Monday morning before we headed home, but I don’t think my knees would have liked me very much.

Its been a week since then and they still hurt. I emailed my doctor and requested X-rays just to make sure I didn’t tear something or whatever, but my doc said that my results were fine and there was nothing to worry about. He suggested PT. I later talked to Dr. Awesome (on Friday) and he said it sounded like my IT band on my right. The left would be hurting because subconsciously I’m over compensating for the right. He suggested a deep tissue massage. I have an appointment on Monday.  I know how it felt when I had J use the stick on me (I wanted to stab her in the jugular when she was doing it) so I’m not really excited about the massage. I guess I’ll try anything that’ll help me not have these stupid knee pains.

Pros: I had fun riding on the rides and watching the shows and having BBQ.  Being apart of the first 10k, being in the park for an event that not everyone can be apart of and surprisingly the wait times. Considering it was a race weekend and labor day, the parks itself were NOTHING like I thought it would be. It wasn’t crowded at all.

Cons: I might as well just take a bullet to the kneecaps cause that’s what it feels like already. I can’t run. I’m not proud of my time. It was my worst 10k time to date. 1:36:10. Worst part…this is the one I trained for.

Please don’t leave comments saying that I still did well. I finished and that’s all that matters. I don’t need to hear it because it’ll only make things worse.


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I’m hoping they will have things better organized at Tink for both the expo and the races. Also…I’m hoping the weather is much nicer.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Sorry to hear the race went so poorly.

I thought the expo was totally disorganized. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel so we went in a different entrance than most other folks. They sent us over to the shirt line only to learn that we had to exit, go downstairs and pick up our race bibs there. There were no signs indicating this the way we went in. I didn’t bother with any merch but the line looked huge.

I was in the B corral for the half (didn’t run the 10K) and the start was exceptionally well organized. My wife, who did the 10K, said her start was a mess.

Anyhow, hope you hang in there.

Comment by Dave

Least I wasn’t the only one who thought the 10k was a little nuts. Good to hear the half was better planned. Also glad that during your half it was at least 5 degrees cooler (I checked).

Comment by Attempted Runner

[…] a finish time of 1:35:10. Definitely not my fastest time, but it was still 1 minute faster than my Disneyland 10k. You know…the one where I was in complete pain for the entire 6 miles because my IT band […]

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