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Race Recap: Trail Hog Ultra 5k


 I wouldn’t really call this one a race, because I didn’t have any “race” left in me. After the third night in a row of little sleep (even with ZzzQuil) I wake up at 5:30. For some reason, I kept thinking I had to leave my house at 6:30, when really, I needed to be 20 miles away meeting my sister at 6:30. I arrived a little late to our normal meet up spot, but made up for it on the drive to San Jose.

I followed my directions without problem, except I had my directions just to the road we needed and not directly to the park. I figured we had GPS or would at least see where we needed to be. About 8 miles in, my sister was getting nauseous (it was a windy road), and there was only one other car in front of us. The car made a turn into what I thought was someone’s personal ranch and we kept going. When we were about 5 miles from the observatory and my breaks were burning, we pulled over to look at a map. Turns out, the car that turned, was blocking the sign for the park entrance and that is why I didn’t see it….and J’s GPS stopped working along the way (a fluke, because it was working on the way back in the same location). This was just an usual for us….somehow we always end up being lost. It wouldn’t seem right if we didn’t). We turn around and I can tell J was getting anxious because she doesn’t like being late (arriving to the staging area within 10 minutes…she prefers to be there with at least 30 minutes to kill). I didn’t care when we got there, I just figured we’d get there before the start. Which we did (about 15 minutes early per the race start…however, even the 5k was running late so we really were 20 minutes early). This one was one of my first trail run were in my opinion, was actually a trail run. Most trail runs I’ve done had some concrete parks, or packed fire roads. This one had sand like dirt, dust, snakes, apparently wild hogs and bobcats. Sam (announcer) sends us on our way and I figured I would try to run just a little bit to at least get out of the crowd. Run until its thinned out a bit and the dust settled some. I only ran about 1/2 mile then my knee started to hurt so I walked. The first mile was 12:52.

I skipped the water station. Although the sun was blaring, I felt I didn’t do much to need water. I was also carrying 4 water bottles on my hydration belt. My knee wasn’t hurting as much so I tried to run again. I found that I was able to run a little longer than normal if I ran on my tippy toes…so I did that, but it was only about .30 miles worth and then we started going uphill. Mile 2 was 15:50.

After we went up….and then up a little more, it was only natural that there would have been a down. Because with IT band issues (if that’s my problem….) down hills are the worst. I limped a little bit, walked almost to a snails pace for a bit, even stopped once. Mile 3 was 16:44.

Because this was an ultra the course was a little longer than a true 5k. The pre race email said 3.39, I could have sworn Sam said it was 3.46 miles, and my Garmin said 3.53 miles. Either way, it was longer than normal and when I made it through to the chute, I kept walking. I thought I could just run it but I said screw it and walked in. Sam said “AttemptedRunner, finishing is half the battle” or something along those lines. I walked in with my princess wave, got my medal (didn’t bother putting it on) and went to the snack table. I only got some fruit, some chips (salt because from the heat, I was swelling) and water. I didn’t feel like I did enough sweating to justify the Its-It ice creams. We checked our times, J’s was posted but mine wasn’t yet and then left.

I ended up going to C’s 4th birthday party and played with him most of the time. Despite him biting me on the arm (6 hours later and I still have welts in the form of his teeth marks) I still played with him and took him in the unsanitary water at Shadow Cliffs (Its a swimming hole but it just looked unsanitary and I felt gross being in it).

By the time I got home and went online, the race results were posted. My worst 5k time to date. My very first 5k was 49 minutes…today was 54 minutes. I however, was in the top ten for my age group……except there were only 11 in my group. At least I wasn’t last in my age group, nor last overall either.

J said to me earlier today that since I can’t run at the moment….I can either walk them and still do SOMETHING, or not do anything at all which is worse. Honestly, because I can’t run. I rather do nothing because I realized that walking a “run” isn’t fun. Its actually kinda boring and makes me not want to do them. It also makes me feel insecure. I have two more races that I am registered for before the end of the year (in two weeks and October 5th). If things don’t improve, I’m not going to bother with registering for anything until things get better. Lets hope that the deep tissue message that I’m scheduled for on Monday will be the magic that I need to get better.

J placed 3rd in her age group. First time for her. Part of me is really happy for her…but the other part of me is more angry than I was before. That could have been me. Not necessarily placing in an age group (I looked and if I ran my NORMAL time, I would have been 5th or 6th…I have to wait till my birthday to be bumped into J’s age group then that is when I have a shot at placing at the “real” trail runs), but actually running the whole thing. I know its childish of me to be jealous of her because its an amazing accomplishment that she needed….Happy Birthday to her for that one….but I don’t want to hear about it and right now…I am jealous and I am made about it (Sorry J…its true… no need to respond or comment…it’ll probably just make me mad again. Don’t feel bad. You have no reason to. I’ll get over it and then when I get better, I’ll totally kick your ass) then you can be jealous when I place and you don’t. ;0)


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Here is my. “No comment…” comment.

Comment by Runningfromitall

PS – was there snakes? I didn’t see any.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Maybe lizards. I heard rattling/rustling in the bushes.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Maybe it was quials (sp? Hoe do you spell that?) There was a lot of those on the rd going in/out… I was like, “more snakes!?! Acck.” Lol

Comment by Runningfromitall


Comment by Attempted Runner

Oh. And…. uhm ok.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Read your comment. Then you’ll understand mine.

Comment by Attempted Runner

And now I’m dying. Sorry! How*

Comment by Runningfromitall

I know right lets have a moment together “running is dumb” (pouts and stomps foot) That’s how I feel right now LOL

Comment by hikeinspired

We’re a teeny tiny bit on the mend to a better relationship but it still is stupid right now. Ha.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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