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Please don’t quit on me and I sure as hell won’t quit on you.
08.27.13, 21:32
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It’s no surprise that I’ve been scarce in the WordPress world. I just haven’t felt the need to blog about all my shenanagins because…well….I haven’t any.
Last I posted was about the fleet feet women’s 5k. It was my best 5k in my running career to date….and I don’t have any special feelings about it. The only feelings I had towards it was that I’m injured again. I stayed away thinking the injury would go away. My running has been 1 mile each time for only 3-4 days since then.
I did the IT band tape application and it helped a bit..but will it be good enough? I was doing pheonominal for 9 weeks. The 10th week I slowed down (M94). Even though it was super light, I still did some sort of activity 4 days a week. 11th…..I got nothing.
Now, I’m on the 12th week of my training. The last week of my training that lead to the big finish at the Disneyland 10k. I wasn’t worried before because I knew I could do a 10k. I was excited for it. I’ve done three 10ks plus the last few long runs day’s. I was excited because maybe I could get better. I already took 7 minutes…or even 13 minutes, depending on what run you look at, off my original times…why couldnt I do better? I was really looking forward to acheoving that on Saturday. Now, I’m afraid to go even 1 mile.

Is running not just for me? I mean seriously. I got shin splints. Recovered. I got water under the knees. Healed enough through taping. Hip bursitis. It’s better but towards the end of each work week it’s a little on fire until I loosen it up again over the weekend. Costcochronditis. For now I’m good. Newest Knee pain and I have no idea why….I’m pissed.

I’m upset.

Everytime running starts going well, I just end up taking a million steps back. Today…I hate running and want to break up. Tomorrow, I’ll cry and eat loads of ice cream because we’re apart.

I hope the Disney magic hits me hard and lets me do the 10k without issues…..and stick around through the rest of the running season. I got at least 7 runs lined up. Don’t quit on me now.


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You can cry, eat, rest, complain… but quiting is not an option. Feel better.

Comment by Runningfromitall

I have no idea what your history is with form/classes/etc but I found one thing that helped me tremendously was to take a good form running class very early in my running career. I’ve read a lot on how bad form completely screws our legs/feet up and causes a lot of injuries and I got into running with wonky knees to begin with. I knew if I didn’t get form right, I’d end up not being able to do much because my knees would be decimated.

To date, I’ve had no injuries-just soreness after a long run that goes away with ice and rest.

If this sounds like something that resonates with you, there are a ton of videos on youtube about good form and my local running store offered classes. If your form is already good, then feel free to disregard and I’m sorry you are going through this. 😦

Comment by Brandi

Too funny I just posted something like this!

Comment by hikeinspired

Haven’t read your post yet but if it’s similar to mine….that’s unfortunate.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I’m not hurt really I’m just super irritated lol

Comment by hikeinspired

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