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Race Recap: Fleet Feet Pleasanton Women’s 5k

Last Sunday (8/18) I woke up for race day, feeling a little unsure about the run. Before we registered for this event, I had some concerns that it was too close to our Disneyland 10k and it was a trail run. Trail runs tend to lead to more disasters. I had images of falling and twisting or breaking things (Later it was known, J did twist her ankle). I still ended up signing up thinking that I can always walk if needed. The two weeks prior, I didn’t do a whole lot of training (running or cross training) because of that whole costochronditis thing and so, I just wasn’t feeling it. It was race day though…surely things would get better.

As I’m walking out the front door, I take a picture of ours (Ok, ok.. they’re really A’s….He’s done all the hard work) sunflowers that are doing exceptionally well and then as I head out I take a gander at the sky like I do every morning.

Red Sky at night, Sailors delight……Red Sky in the morning, sailors warning.

Not only was I not really feeling it, but there was a warning ahead. I met up with J and TR at our designated meet up location and make our way over to Shadow Cliffs Regional Park. We had to make a U-turn first, because not surprisingly, we missed the entrance. J’s a park pass holder, so we go into the park for free. SCORE! We found a parking spot and got things in order before headed over to the starting area.

While we were waiting for the start, we took a group picture….

Got free goodies from a few of the booths. My favorite was from Brooks. IT was a Run Happy sticker and a small cupcake’d hand towel.


I also enjoy the goodie bags that include more edible items than not so edible items. I didn’t mind the yellow reusable bag or the pink shirt though…Those are always fun.

It’s getting closer to 8am (Race start) and they do the regular pre race announcements. Now, I know this is only the second year that they have done this Women’s 5k, and it’s still small (they limited it to 350 entries), but if you’re going to have timing chips and the finish line clock…how come there can’t be an official starting line? Usually there is a mat you cross or something that’ll activate your chip. Our starting line was based on two tiny orange cones on either side of the walkway and a $2.99 air horn.

Now this is ok for some people (at least I seen the orange cones earlier so I knew where/when to set Garfield for an accurate 5k time) but I didn’t like how everyone had the same exact start time. If I was in the very front, it would not matter…I was 4 seconds (roughly) behind the start, so it wasn’t that much of a big deal, but what about those that were at the back of the pack? That’s a good 1-2 minutes that they had added to their time because everyone “started the race at 8am.” Yea, I know that its suppose to be a “fun” run, as most races should be fun but I guess with someone who is beginning to be obsessed with time it irritated me.

Moving on, the course took us along the park’s sidewalk over to the dirt trail area. We go up the hill (going east) and they already supply us with water. I skipped that table. It wasn’t too hot, I had my hydration belt (with 2 bottles) and it was only 1/4 mile in. I didn’t think it was necessary. Only later do I realize why it was in that spot (two words: Double backs). The course then goes back down the hill so we turn back towards the way we came (going west) but on the lower part. I see J not to far ahead of me walking and I thought I could catch up to her but she started running again. I go up the hill where J started running and I started to feel a little twinge in my knee (the same one from the week prior that feels like it does when you twist your knee the wrong way) so I slow it down, but still ran. We loop back around (now going east again) and go down the hill on the lower side….It’s getting hotter. Is it just me or are dirt courses a lot more hot than road courses? Does the dirt radiate heat or something? I’m still running but getting tired. I think that it has to be at least 1.5 miles by this point. I look at Garfield….

.62 miles.

This was going to be one of those runs………

I go back up the next hill and I stop to walk it because my knee (I’m thinking I.T band. I haven’t mentioned it prior because I always feel like I’m complaining about some sort of injury and it just gets old.)  is hurting a little more. The hill flattens out and I run again as I pass the water table. I took a cup but didn’t drink all of it. The water tasted gross. This is one reason why I carry a hydration belt (yes, even if it’s a 5k..I’m not like other people…I get dehydrated. I need water.) I finally reach the 1 mile mark around 11:30pace. That distance/pace was all per Garfield, since there were no mile markers; just a bunch of arrows that were confusing. I even seen two ladies that were running the wrong way. I only figured they were going the wrong way because  based on the direction they were going at the time and where we were in the course, to where they were…it wouldn’t make sense that they were the leader or the last person. They had to of been going the wrong way. Oops, some volunteer didn’t direct them correctly. We go back down the hill, but I have to walk that one too because it’s that twingey knee pain  is pulsates. Due to Disneyland 10k in one week….I didn’t want to risk anything so I walked to the bottom. These hills were not even steep. I think it was like a 30ft. elevation gain…Hardly nothing, but my idiot disintegrating bones wouldn’t allow it. Somewhere around this area, I finally reach mile 2 (I slowed down a bit, this one was 12:30). I didn’t feel like doing the run anymore….but I kept going. We then hit the other corner back around — we’re doubling backing on the way we have already went (we’re going west). Courses like this irritate me. If it’s just one out and back fine, but when its an out and back double backs, I get irritated. There’s crisscrossing involved, people get mixed up, it’s just hectic. I’ve only done two races that had courses like this and I wasn’t a fan.

I’m making my way up the last hill and I again and have to walk it. I tried to run down, but had to stop to walk then too. We get back onto asphalt and it hurts to run a little more, but I don’t want to stop because I’m so close. I get to the grass and just keep going. I finally made it to the finish line and stopped Garfield, grabbed my finishers medal, HINT water and met J.

Garfield had me with a finish time of 37 something, but later when the tv screen that was scrolling the results (yes, they had immediate course times scrolling on a huge flat screen tv, but no official start time chip reader mat thing) said my official time was 38:44.

My fastest official 5K.

I took 1:06 minutes off the last 5k I did but didn’t feel as accomplished. Again, I just wasn’t into it. I grabbed some ice to put on my knee for a bit. That made it start to feel a little better (Three days later and its ok again…for now). Message Envy (one of the expo booths) was giving away BioFreeze. If you didn’t know already…BioFreeze is one of my bestest friends. We get along REAL well. I slather that on and my knee felt a lot better. Well….it didn’t “felt” at all. HA.

We got some of the post race snacks (I just stuck with the fruit, since everything was a gluten intolerant nightmare) and waited around until it was J’s and T’s turn for the free message. Fleet Feet raffled off some prizes and sadly, I wasn’t one of the lucky winners. By the time we were all finished up with everything and ready to go, it was 10:00am. Our typical tradition is to get a post race lunch, but nothing is open at 10am on a Sunday, so J and T dropped me off at my car and I drove home. I was a little sad that we wouldn’t have a celebratory meal like usually but just went with the rets of the day I guess. I got home and made a boring lunch, loaded up my Garfield stats and took a nap. I was smart this time. I turned my phone on silent! I think I slept for about an hour and a half or so…I cleaned up a little around the house and FINALLY went through my closet and organized it.

My closet is now split 50/50.  50% Run related stuff and 50% other junk.

The right side is divided up by:

  • 5% clothes I don’t wear but can’t part from yet.
  • 10% dress that I don’t wear.
  • 5% tank tops
  • 10% Sweatshirts
  • 10% work clothes.
  • 5% regular t-shirts
  • 5% work pants.

This break down makes me think I need more work clothes. I must be that poor girl at work who wears the same 5 pairs of pants each week… and I’m ok with that.

The left side is broken down by:

  • 50% event t-shirts
  • 35% of workout clothes (tops and bottoms of all varieties)
  • 10% race event sweatshirts
  • 5% sports bras
  • 2% running/activity related shirts (memorial walks, walking campaigns from work, running brand t-shirts, etc.).
  • 3% mud run/color run/any type of run that would ruin clothes
  • all my racing socks (PC’s) are in a box and all my rundies are in my underwear drawer.

This break down makes me think, I am horrible at math. However, I thought my 50% breakdown that added up to 105% was rather hilarious, so I don’t plan on changing it. It’ll give me a good laugh one day when I reflect back on this.

It took me a while, but at least my closet is finally organized. A’s not allowed to put my clothes away anymore after laundry because he’ll probably put a work shirt in with a workout shirt and it’ll just throw everything all off.

Anyway, as I reflect back on the day…apart of me is glad that I did it. I set a PR, I ran, I got out with friends. Yet, another part of me is a little disappointed. My knee started to hurt, the course irritated me, kind of seemed a little disorganized. I guess I’m like my closet…I’m 50/50 on how I felt about the run.

Better yet….I’m 50/105 undecided.

Last tid bit of news; Today was the last day to enter into the drawing for the free Nike Women’s Marathon entry from work and sadly, I did not enter it. I’m a little surprised at how I feel about that. A few weeks ago, I wasn’t mentally ready to run another half….this week, I’m upset that I can’t do another half.  You know you’re a runner when……





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1.) I’m on the couch icing…right now. 2.) Next run, lunch is promised and on Me. 3.) You did great once again, and congrats on the 5k PR. 4.) We will do a half on 1/1/14 – its a great way to kick off the year. Then you can sign up for Nike! Oh and the Disneyland double dare…and Tink…and maybe rock and roll?! Haha

Comment by Runningfromitall

1. I’m about to go to bed. Don’t judge.
2. Next run is TMBBQ.
3. Likewise.
4. Ok, sign me up. Yes, possibly, yes and sure.

Comment by Attempted Runner

1. No judgment. Sleep well.
2. Okay. My treat! Yum!
3. Thanks
4. Lol! Okay 🙂


Comment by Runningfromitall

Hey, I ran this race! I enjoyed reading your take on it and completely agree with your trail observations. I was one of the ridiculous looking ladies who got lost near the end. (I still want to deduct a few seconds from my official time because of it.)

Comment by Steph

I didn’t see you on the course, so least you weren’t one of those two ladies. I did see you at the end though. Didnt you place in your age group or win a raffle prize or something? Or both? Good job on your time too (read your recap)!! Keep that up and you’ll do pheonominal on your uocomming10k and half.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Good JOB!!! I have the same water issue I need tons

Comment by hikeinspired

Maybe I’ll learn to run like the ladies in Africia that carry the buckets and stuff on their heads. Quick search and it says the average amount of water that they can carry is 40lbs. I think that should be enough water. I can just MacGyver up straw/beer hat device.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I am down for that lol

Comment by hikeinspired

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