Attempted Runner.

Everyone is all like, “We run SF!”

And I’m over here like, “Um…no WE don’t.”

There is no, I, in we.

I am not running SF.

My company (that I work for, not own….if I owned it , I’d be a bloody running millionaire) is big on the whole healthy lifestyle. They offer healh programs, health fairs and farmers markets, just to name a few. But..they also offer a chance for their employees (i.e. me) to win 1 of 35 spots into this year’s Nike Women’s Marathon (or half) in San Francsico.

The logical part of me says, wait until next year when they offer the spots again and youre ready for it. Wait until next year, because you won’t just be returning from a 6 month long injury (I’ve been back 10 weeks!!). Wait until next year when you trained for it. Wait until next year when 6.5 miles doesn’t hurt. Wait until next year when youre not afraid of hills (ptsd, I’m working on it).

The runner in me says…

ENTER TO WIN!!! Run SF!!!!!

Alas, I need to be smart. I’ve had to do a lot of that these last few weeks. I mean, I do want to run the NWM and I know I can keep their pace requirement (I just won’t pee or tie my shoes a bunch). I know I can go 13.1 miles. I now know that I can do it. But I can’t, because I am smart and apart of me is still afraid. I want to sign up for another half but I’m not ready and I don’t want to get injured again. I rather take a year to train for a half than a month. I rather take it slow then go too fast and ruin everything. My long runs have been around 5-6.5 miles, exlcuding the one unplanned 8.66 miles at the lake.  During each of those long runs my hip/groin start to hurt at 6.5. Except last week, but I also think it’s because I walked a lot more than my usual lately. How would I be able to go another 6.6 miles with it hurting? During my long runs, I still get worried on the hills. Downhills are suppose to be the easiest, not the scariest. At the end of those 6-7 miles runs is when I get physically tired… mile 6-7 at the NWHM, is where the hills begin. 300 ft elevation change only to go up another 200 ft. It’s not until mile 10 when you come bcak down. I wouldnt be able to hold strong, not even if I trained for the next month. I would fall back and get picked up. I would DNF and in my noggin’ that’s worse than being last.  So, I shall wait for me to heal, to train (and stick with it) and to mentally conquer my demons. Until then, I’ll just sulk in my own self pity and wait for the email offering free registration for 2014 NWM. Only then, will I get to run SF and be apart of the “we” bunch.

Besides the entry to win the NWM slot closes on the 22nd.


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Comment by Runningfromitall

I think you are doing the smart thing! “my dude” struggles wth limiting his runs bad but he pays for it when he over does it. He misses it so much and I feel really bad for him

Comment by hikeinspired

[…] Everyone is all like, “We run SF!” […]

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