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Oh My Gerd!
08.14.13, 21:43
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Oh my G.E.R.D.!! Is what this post was going to be titled if my doctor diagnosed me with Gerd. But alas, he didn’t.

After self diagnosing me having a heart attack, a pulmonary embolism, lung cancer, anxiety and gerd…side note: I’ll just say I wouldn’t make a good doctor….I finally saw my doctor after I worked myself up. He checked my lungs (sounded great), checked my heart (perfectly fine) and oxygen saturation levels (99%, I breathed deeply for a few breaths and got it to 100%), he diagnosed my chest pains.

I have costochronditis. It doesn’t even have a cool name, so I’ll just refer to it by its ICD-10 code of M94.

Yes Gov’nah, M94 is locked and loaded.

Now that’s a way better name. It’s also easier to type.

What is M94? The feeling of an elephant sitting on your chest for hours on end. With random muscle spasms that make you think your dying of a heart attack.

At least I know what it is. He said it should go away on its own…eventually, unless it becomes chronic. Google/blogs say otherwise. Someone had it for 6 weeks. Another for 10years.

Holy hell. I actually wish he said I had G.E.R.D. cause M94 isn’t fun.

Other than the elephant reference, it pretty much feels like my asthma flare ups with the tight heavy chest, yet I do not have troubles breathing or no coughing. And the pains near my heart/lungs feels like 2-3 second of plyers pinching down by __insert strongest real/fiction person you can think of here___.

The plus side, when I work out it doesn’t hurt one bit. Maybe now that I’m comforted by knowing it wasn’t my heart/lungs, I can go back to my workouts and get out of this slump. Dr. Awesome said to take it easy for a bit, so just lower the intensity of the weights and lower the pace of runs, so I’m not exherting myself to flare it up. Sometimes 17 minute miles make me feel like the people who run half marathons, come in first place and looks like they just walked out of a photo shoot. Envy.

Anxiety also causes it to flare. I typically do not have anxiety except for the chest pains making me think my heart’s gonna stop. The reason why I finally went to see Dr. Awesome was because it just hurt too much to ignore it. I went home early to take care of the pup…cause I have my priorities….and that morning I was at a 0-1 pain scale. I started watching Netflix and about a few hours/episodes later, my chest pain went to a 7-8. Laying on your back aggregates it too. Then of course I get panicky cause at the time I didn’t know what was causing it and thought heart. So watching Netflix and laying on my back made it go from a 1 to an 8.

While I was leaving my appt and been told I have M94, Dr. Awesome told me to lay off the high action nerve racking Netflix shows.

How did he know I started watching Breaking Bad?

I watched the last half of season one that day.

Since it doesn’t hurt while I’m excercising, on my taking-it-easy 1.5(miles), 17 minute mile pace “run” tonight, I watched episode 1 of season 2 while on the treadmill. It counters everything out. Problem solved.

So that’s that. I finally have a diagnoses. My Doctor told me I wouldn’t be dying from any health related issues any time soon. That makes me feel better. Like a weight off my chest.

Orange you glad I shared this pictures? Such a Cutie……. 😀


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I don’t see a picture. Lol

Comment by Runningfromitall

Uploaded again. Refresh.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Now I see it. Totally random. Lol

Comment by Runningfromitall

Oh peel-leeze….. Ahahahahhahahahahaha

Comment by Attempted Runner

Where is that Alice eye roll GIF when I need it. Lol

Comment by Runningfromitall

But it looks like a little man.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Happy to hear your heart is all good! I wonder if going gentle Yoga would help at all? I know yoga helped me with a large amount of scar tissue I had from heart surgery. 🙂

Comment by runningtoherdreams

Not sure if it would help it go away, but I do yoga at least once a week already….. Maybe I went too deep into a move and that’s when I got it. I think it was the body ball with weighs that started it all, though. I’ll get more yoga moves though. Right now I do the Haltha and flow or whatever it’s called.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Yeah I was just reading about it and the increase of blood flow with yoga might help since from what I understand there is are decreased blood vessels in the area? I hope you feel better and recover quickly! 🙂

Comment by runningtoherdreams

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