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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Summer Breeze 10k.

This post is a little overdue. As long as I write it, that’s the important part. Last Saturday, August 3rd, was Brazen Racing’s Summer Breeze Half Marathon, 10k and 5k. I participated in the 10k. My first official 10k post injury and I was surprised I did as well as I did. I guess my training has really paid off. I guess training in general pays off, cause I didn’t really do it a whole lot before.
On our way there, we saw a bum learning to ride a bike. Notice the training wheel.


We get to the Marina early (1 1/2 hours early) to get our same parking spot we have gotten the last three races in the same location. It’s tradition. We picked up our bibs/tshirts, since again…didn’t take advantage of early bib pickup. I thought it wasnt nevessary since we’ll be at the event 1-2 hours early anyway. Picking up our bibs at the event lets us kill time.
So, we go get our bibs then while T was lining up for the half marathon start (her first), J and I took our goodies back to the car and got our gear on. We get back to the start to wish T good luck and also just in time to meet up with E and her mom, C, who both were doing not only their first 10k but their first race event since that time they did the Heart walk however long ago. All four of us get into the corral, crack jokes about C wearing jean peddle pushers (I loved it), didn’t really stretch or anything and soon it was time to run.
After I squeezed passed the bottleneck I continued to run. I ran about the first 1.80 miles (I’m getting farther before stopping!) then walked .10 before I ran again. I did run a lot more than I have been in the past. When I got home later, I reviewed Garfields data and I ran about 5.8 miles total and walked .40 miles. I know!!!!!!!!! That was impressive. I did slow my run down a little bit around mile 4 and 5 but picked it back up to my regular pace (currently, 12:30…again progress, I was 15:30-16).
Somewhere around mile 2 my bursitis started hurting but I tried to ignore it as best as I could without being stupid about it. I did change try to change my posture so I was mid foot striking and not heel strikes. RunDisney/New Balance said it’s better. Cadence, posture, and two other things I forgot help you run better, faster, farther, etc. That could be why my knee and shin started to hurt a little as well, because I was adjusting. Oh well. The last two miles I kept pace with these two guys. We each would pass each other. Finally the guy in yellow stopped to walk and the guy in red told him to keep going. Yellow chuckled but still walked. I told yellow we’ve all been keeping pace, don’t give up now. He gave me angry eyes. What? Its ok to pace race a guy but not a girl? It’s ok…I beat you. It was now between me and red. I was getting really tired and wanted to stop, so I fell in line right behind red. If I reached out, I could touch him. I just followed his feet. Left, right, left. He was in front…we get to the grass and I swerve to the left and step on it. I crossed before him. I’m not sure what times red/yellow got, but in my head.. I beat both. Girl power!!


I set a PR.

By 7:41. Holy heck!

I finished with my fastest 10k time of 1:16:45. I’m happy with that as its better then I thought I would have done. That’s what my 8 weeks of training accomplished. Can’t wait for RunDisney at the end of 12 weeks.


J finished in 1:08. I’m even catching up to her! And both C and E were around 1:45 I think. They did well. They walked the whole thing and checked out guys butts. We have proof! One photo of them has both eyes glued to guy in greens behind. Hahahahhaha.

While we were waiting for  T to come in (she finished at 3:28….she beat my first half by two minutes! Good for her, but more training for the competitive me), we enjoyed the post race snacks, got our medals engraved and went over to the Fleet Feet table. N was there and wanted to thank her in person for fitting me with the New Balance which has helped my bursitis dramatically, as I can now do 10ks and not just 1/4 Miles before agony. N did the half marathon and came in second place for females. She’s fast.

Later on, we celebrated our victories by eating at La Pinata and went shopping. I awrded myself with these fancy shorts that I’ve been eyeing for 6 months now.


Despite getting my first race chafe. Right below my boob, at that…..Yea, the Nike dri fit sports bra I got apparently isnt good for more than 3 miles…..the day was good and glad I participated. Otherwise I woukdnt have set a PR.
Next race – 8/18.

To the person that keeps searching for flaming hot cheeto socks (483 searches in one day), I’m sorry but 1. They don’t exist and 2. Don’t think you’ll find them on my blog.


And lastly….



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You did awesome!

Comment by Runningfromitall

LMBO Hot cheeto socks??? Good job by the way 🙂

Comment by hikeinspired

Yea. I don’t get it either….and thanks.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Congrats on the PR!!

Comment by PaulSmuts


Comment by Attempted Runner

Congratulations on the PR, whoohoo! Well done. 🙂
And ol about the cheeto socks search! I haven’t paid much attention to the stats, but I am going to start! 🙂

Comment by runningtoherdreams

Some of the things people search for crack me up….some of the things that they searched for that leads them to your blog…..priceless.

Comment by Attempted Runner

LoL! Nothing very interesting today, but I am going to keep an eye out! 😉

Comment by runningtoherdreams

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