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Let’s talk about cotton vs. dry wicking…..RUNdies.
07.31.13, 16:43
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First and foremost…how in the world did I run a half marathon in cotton underwear? Clearly a rookie mistake. They were comfy and didnt move. Both two crucial items when picking wedgies are not a top priority and any given time…or mileage. That was back in January. I’m not entirely sure when it was but I then purchased a pair of runderwear. Nothing fancy, just a two pack for $14.99. They are the dry wicking seamless ones from Target brought to you by C9 from the Chamipion line. It was instant love. I felt like I wasn’t wearing any. They didn’t move or bunch or slide down or none of that. Everytime I went to target I bought another 2 pack. Eventually they went from just wear while running to wear almost all the time.

Well, yesterday I wore my, what I dubbed, the party rock underwear. The ones I wore during my first half. The cotton. I was also to run 3 miles. I changes into a sports bra and all my dry wicking appareal, but I left the cotton undies on. It’s only three miles I said. I don’t want to sweat in a nice clean pair that I’ll only have to wear for a little bit before having to change again, I said. 

So, I ventured onto my 3 mile run. The cotton party rocks remained comfy but I was still aware that they were on. I didn’t have that naked feeling…that magic. :0) I took it slow the last 1/2 mile, pretty much at a walk. I worked up a sweat for a good 45 minutes. I finished my run then bad to pee…..I have no shame in telling you, my readers, anything anymore. Sorry. And as I drop my shorts, a breeze swept by and I got the chills. Why was it so cold? Because my underwear was soaked! It was like I jumped into a pool in them. Cotton sponge panties. As I peeled them off, I just couldn’t fathem my life before dry wicking rundies. And how, just how I ran 13.1 miles, then walked through the race area, downtown Disney, the parking lot and sat in traffic for 40 minutes all in cotton undies.

Rooooookie mistake. It’ll never happen again because each time I go to Target I pick up more….and if my Target shopping is like everyone else’s then you can imaging my drawers are overflowing with drywickingness.

Oh and my goal for July was to lose 5lbs. That didn’t happen. Maybe it was the [nacho]cheeseburger for dinner. My final weigh in was 158.8. I am officialy down 1.2 pounds. Hey, least it was down and not up. At this rate (the last three months it’s been 1.5 a month) I should be at my goal by next July.


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I’d like to take credit… I’m the one that told you about the runderwears. I’ve created a monster. Lol the socks… Is all you.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Credit given. Thanks!!!

Comment by Attempted Runner

I’ll tell you a secret — I don’t wear any panties when I run. I don’t usually wear shorts because my thighs bump and one leg of my shorts will go up and the other will be down and it chafes. But if I happen to risk the shorts–they’ve got the built-in drawers. Usually, though, I wear my running pants, er, capris? The pants that go to just below the knee and are snug (which is AWESOME because it sucks your jiggles in). No undies, no pantylines, no wedgies, no problem. But I still am going to have to investigate these wicking panties next time I’m at Target.

Comment by Cher

I wear capris but can’t go commando. I’ve started to wear shorts, but still have the undies…..and compression shorts to prevent chub rub. The things we do for comfort.

Comment by Attempted Runner

hahaha I got the chub rub. I’m still trying to find running clothes that are equally comfortable and attractive that won’t take me several credit card payments to pay off. It’s a process.

Comment by Cher

Too funny I didn’t even know those existed!

Comment by hikeinspired

Let’s just say dry wicking underwear is a miracle.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I didn’t know Target carried them! I am going to get a pair next time I go! 🙂

Comment by runningtoherdreams

Get 10!!! They have boy short cut, breif and thong. Pick your posion, right?

Comment by Attempted Runner

Oh yay! I am on it come Monday 🙂

Comment by runningtoherdreams

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