Attempted Runner.

I’ll never run out of pancakes now.

Sometimes, Morning skies just take my breath away.

I thought I’d start todays post off with that picture above…because that is how I started my day, all bright and early with a lovely sunrise. California law states “No texting while driving.” It doesn’t saw anything about no taking photos while driving, now does it? So, sorry Officer…..I can take photos while driving, all I want. These last few days have been…well…Eh. Nothing to excited or worth mention. Its a little sad if I do say so myself. I have however, read a lot of The King by Steven James ….I’m almost finished and I’ll be sad when I am. [Side note: This is one of my favorite series and I suggest everyone read all 6 and of course the 7th when it comes out.]. Its such a good book. Its one of those books/series that I get totally wrapped up into and not really pay attention to anything that goes on around me. Yea, its that good.

I’ve been making a few meals from scratch. I made GF Cinnamon pancakes because my box of King Arthur Pancake mix was about to expire and I didn’t want to waste it. I think its safe to say that I have about 30 pancakes in the freezer and another 30 in the fridge. Pancakes for breakfast and snacks for all! Or me, since A doesn’t eat pancakes. He’s weird.



For dinner the other night I also made a Spicy Chicken (GF) pasta. It probably turned out a lot healthier than most chicken pastas but it probably tasted a whole lot better then those higher calorie ones too. It was super simple. Earlier this year when I went to the Gluten Free Expo (Yes, they have those and I got so much free stuff!) one of the products I got was Mayacama’s Gluten Free Spicy Pasta seasonings. I have seen these packets since the expo at Sprouts and I’m definitely going to stock up on it. Anyway, I grilled up some chicken, bell peppers, onions and broccoli then added that Spicy Pasta seasoning packet. It was good, but I made it better. I added some more seasonings I had in the cupboard; minced garlic, more chipotle pepper powder, a dash of olive oil, pepper and that’s all I can remember. Once that was done blending, I just mixed in my GF pasta and Tada!!! DELICIOUS DINNER ! When A likes something a lot, you know its good. He’s not only weird and doesn’t like pancakes, but he also doesn’t like to try new things.      What’s next? I’ve mentioned books and food…Ah, yes, clothing. Not just any clothing, but active wear! I’ve been in the need for some black compression shorts. Isn’t it funny that when referring to other clothes, its like…”Oh, I want a new shirt,” but with running clothes its a need. Or is that just me? Since my training started,  it seems that I’ve been in my athletic clothing more than anything (except work attire of course). I even went to the store in a work outfit and I never do that except after long runs or on race days. Well, on my way  home today I stopped at S.A. Elite to see if they had my Under Armour compression shorts. I walked in with a coupon and “I just need compression shorts,” but I walked out with KT tape (needed for Saturday! I’m out!), UA Compression shorts, UA capris and a Nike Dri Fit sports bra. I need to exchange the bra for a large, because although I want to be secured upstairs, I also want to be able to breathe. At least I had the coupon and since I’m apart of the S.A. Elite league or whatever it is called, I got the 20% off instead of the 15%. It’s like I practically got the KT Tape for free!

S.A. Elite doesn’t help my bank account.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve avoided the real reason for this post. Weigh In Wednesday, except now its Thursday, I have one week left to reach my goal of “lose 5 pounds in a month!” and dag nabbit….I still haven’t made progress. I don’t want to sound like a complainer or anything, but I just don’t understand. I do my workouts (running/cross training), I stay within my calories (I’m suppose to have 1200, but since I’m active I do 1500) and nothing happens! Its so infuriating. I know loosing the 55 pounds was tough, but this is just ridiculous. The scale or measurements aren’t even moving! What am I doing wrong?

Should I reduce my calories even more to 1200? I don’t want to do that because I already know I’ll be starving. I’ve been eating more fruits and vegetables because nutritionists/trainers/whoever say, “Eat all the fruits and vegetables you want!” But does that mean eat all the fruits/veggies but stay WITHIN your calories, or stay within your calories on regular food, but still eat all the fruits/veggies you want even if you end up having a daily caloric intake of 2000, because fruits/veggies digest faster? I tried the more fruits/veggies one day and unless you are doing W.W (I am not) then fruits/veggies are still calories. Therefore, even before dinner time I only had 89 calories left for the day. I had no choice but to go over. Was this the reason why nothings changed? Am I just counter balancing my food intake with my activity output? I just have a hard time figuring out what I’m not doing.

Bottom Line: July start 160. Week 1: Fluke of 155. Week 2: Got Glutenated and went to 160. Week 3: 158.8.  I’ll continue to try my dangdest but I don’t know if I can lose 3.8 in one week. ::::shrugs::: whatever, rather than making it a July goal, I’ll just continue and hope I’ll break the plateau and eventually get rid of the last 10 pounds.

Maybe if I show a picture of the 10 stripped June Beetle that I’ve seen on multiple occasions at work, then it’ll take your mind off the fact that I pretty much failed at my July goal because I’m just stuck at that plateau. Brightside: Since I am the best at plateaus (I’ve been on this one for almost a year now!!!!), at least when I finally make my official goal, I’ll be able to maintain it.

I have a few races coming up (7/27, 8/3, 8/18 and 8/31) and I’m trying not to syke myself out. I’m doing ok on my training, but I started over thinking things today. I think by tomorrow tonight, I’ll be more nervous than I am now. I hope Saturday turns out better than it has been in my head. I think I just have higher hopes then I feel like I can obtain. I’ll refrain from blogging about it, until after the runs though. I don’t want negativity around because I CAN DO THIS! I CAN DO THIS! I GOT MAGIC SHOES AND I CAN DO THIS!!!


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My heavens the sunrise is absolutely beautiful! And I am sure you’ll do great, you’ve got this! 🙂

Comment by runningtoherdreams

I hope you had or have a goos run today! I hear the last few pouds are the worst to lose

Comment by hikeinspired

Thanks and they are and its very aggravating.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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