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Why make plans? I never stick to them.
07.21.13, 18:27
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Since I am never, I repeat never, able to take a nap…ever, I decided to post about my run yesterday. But first I will rant.

What the eff? I don’t ask for much and I hardly take naps during the day/week but every so often there are times when I am just dead tired and need a quick nap. Alas, it never happens. My pups will end up barking, stupid frat boy neighbors will play pool football, A will come in the room and start asking questions, I’ll get text messages, the house phone will ring.  You think of it, it’ll happen. It’s usually at the point where I’m starting to go into that deep relaxation mode where within one second I’ll be alseep. That one second isn’t sleep, it’s something waking me up. Then I get all hot and sweaty and sick feeling….weird, I know….and then my idea of a nap is over because I’m passed the point of exhaustion where sleep won’t happen. Ugh. Stop interrupting my freaking naps, Gosh!!!

Ok, that was all.

Yesterday, was my long run day, fun day. The last long run day we did 5.19 miles and I was thinking of doing 6 this week. It wasn’t adding on too many miles, but still was something to increase the mileage somewhat safely. However, due to my sisters ankle/planter facitis acting up earlier in the week, when we got to the lake, I sugested we go to 2.5 and see how we’re doing. If things are starting to hurt we would turn around and at least hit 5 miles. If we were doing well then continue on to 2.75 and do a body check (her foot/PF, my hip/groin bursitis nonsense). If we are still ok, continue on but no matter what, we would turn around at 3 miles because we were in for a scehduled 6. That was the plan…

But just like my naps, my plans never happen either.

We walked the first 1/4 mile or so to loosen things up and then we I started to jog. My sister runs faster/longer than me and since we were on her turf, I told her she can go off without me and meet me at the no-bike bridge. She ended up staying with me, which was fine because she was able to hold my hydration belt, sunglasses, phone…anything that had potential of touching the port-a-potty. I NEVER uses these things. I rather hold it and risk a bladder infection then use an outhouse….but I also couldn’t run without peeing on myself and no matter how much I like to run, I don’t love it enough to pee on my self for a PR or anything. So, I grew some balls and used the outhouse. Of course, the one I picked had crap (literally) all over the walls and on one of the toilet paper rolls. As I made shreiking noises and swearing I did my business with the quickness.  Seriously to the person who did this….instead of being an asshole, why not learn to use your asshole appropriatly in a bathroom. 

Can you tell that when I’m tired I get grumpy?
After that horror, we continue on our run and my sister now has to go. We come up to another bathroom and of course, other than being slightly full….it looked spotlessly clean (for a outhouse that is).


This is my sisters clean port-a-potty.

We eventually hit 2.75 miles and we decided we can go to three miles because we both were feeling good. Somewhere in the next 1/4 mile, the genius idea of just going around the entire lake was brought up. We did some quick math and figured that it was probably 9 miles all the way around. This was well over the NTC training run and even my modified planned run. Do I go for it? I was hesitant but J said, once we hit our scheduled 6 miles, we can just walk the rest back. That part that convinced me to just do it was… the last three when we walk…’s all downhill from there.

I agree like an idiot. We continue on and I look at my Garmin (he needs a name….Garfield? Yes…that’ll do, pig.  That’ll do) Garfield and it’s at 2.90 miles at roughly 36 minutes. I get excited because I thought I could set a new unofficial 5k PR.  Besides, how long would it really take me to run .20 of a mile? I surely can do that in the 3 minutes or so, in order to beat my current unofficial PR.
So, I power on, turn the corner and come to this giant hill. I tried going for it but I started to slow down then started to walk. I hit the 5k at 40:15. It took four freakin minutes to go .20!!! Stupid hill!! I mean come on. Can you tell where the stupidly steep hill was on the elevation chart below? I can’t. :::rolls eyes:::


10 minutes later we make it up the hill. It was a 1/2 mile of idiocy! I knew we should have done an out and back!! (Ignore my complaining because here comes the fun part where I had fun). Whatever, we get to the top and I had to walk and catch my breath again. The trail got narrow and downhill and foliage galore! It was nice and apparently that type of trail run, which I’ve never done before, makes me run fast! Or at least I felt fast. They should have a tram that takes you from the ranger station to 4 miles in at the fun “real trail running” section. I’d pay to use it.

Soon enough, we were coming up to the 6 mile mark. I look at Garfield and I’m on the verge of beating my current official 10k time. Im tired but I start running…..then, another hill. It was no where as big, but was steep…when I hit 10k, I was 6 minutes passed hitting the goal.
What is it with things always preventing me from making goals? Why do the steep hills always have to be there, right at the pivotal mileage moments?
Around 6.5 miles, my hip started to hurt. I thought the smartest thing would be to not push it much harder so I walked the next 1/2 mile. Around 7 miles there was another hill and I was getting tired….and grumpy.  I was also getting hungry and thirsty. I already ate my cranberry payday bar and drank the water from all four bottles. I planned for 6 miles…not longer. I wasnt prepared as I like to be. Mile 7.5 I wanted to give up. I didn’t want to walk anymore and my hips started hurting more too. And it wasn’t all just downhill like I was told. I went from 11-13 minute miles to 18-20 minute miles. I was pretty much done. But the only way back to the car, where my picnic lunch was at, was to keep going. I got a small second wind and tried to run the best I could with my hip/groin hurting. I grunted and made eye wincing face, but I kept moving. The last stretch I was doing maybe 15s. Hey, at least I got a negative split. Haha.
We get back to the starting point and I stopped Garfield; 8.66 miles in 2hrs 15minutes and something seconds.

J and I stretch for a quick second then set up out picnic blanket over the Canadian geese poo and had lunch. I already was around human excrement in the bathroom, what’s some bird poo under a blanket?


Because we planned for a, at most, 6 mile run, I only packed a banana, Nuun, some nasty variety nut pack that I didn’t like, nor finish and my GF roast beef sandwich with guacamole hummus…needless to say, I was still hungry. 

We also planned to do 2 hours of kayaking but it was safe to say both J and I were tired and that wasn’t going to happen. So, we left the park. As I was leaving I thought how I felt I did better on the first 1.65 miles then I have in the past….this is promising because my next 5k, next weekend, is at the same lake. The 1.65 mile marker is where we turn around. If I do the first 1.65 fairly well, why not the second half? It’s a running joke to me that Bad Bass 5k is considered an “ultra 5k trail run” because it’s 3.3 miles. We may not be doing the 10k or half, but at least we’re doing an ultra. Maybe I can do the “ultra” better this year. I mean, I have been training religiously for the last 6 weeks….but then as we got farther down the hill I started to doubt myself. That”ll be a different blog topic later this week when those doubts become louder as the race gets closer, I’m sure.

We got back to J’s house and I made some left over tostadas from our Friday night book club (we read Half Broke Horses if you were interested) because like I said…I was hungry and only pre/post run nourished for 6 miles, not almost 9. Per MFP, between breakfast, snack and lunch, I still ate less than what I burned running. That tosada was earned.

I was getting too comfy at my sisters and I took that as my cue to go home. On my way home I was getting super sleepy eyes. My drive home can be anywhere from 30-45 minutes depending on the traffic. If there was more traffic, I probably would have fallen asleep at the wheel. I get home, take my shower, hydrate some more, upload Garfields data and then A came home from working overtime. I knew a nap wasn’t in mind. I also wasn’t up for cooking either, so later we went to BJ’s Brewhouse for dinner.  I got the Santa Fe chicken salad with no tortilla strips and very little dressing. The waiter gave me two servings of the dressing, maybe about 1/2 cup each. I only used 1/4 cup.. I can ration my salad dressing like a champ. I would win an award at the salad dressing rationing championships. When the waiter gave the dressing he said, “Here is your zesty ranch dressing, let me know of you need more.”
My thought, who would need more? Yes, it’s a hefty sized salad but more than a cup of dressing? Good golly. And then I remembered…..two years ago, I probably would have asked for more. The progress I’ve made. 😀

Today’s “planned” rest day wasn’t really a rest day. I did some shopping, cleaned the house, laundry, didn’t nap even though I really wanted to cause I didn’t sleep well last night.

Whatever, I’ll take Zzzquil tonight…at 6:30. Sleepyness problem; solved.

All in all, my weekend was a nice one and I was actually surprised I wasn’t in more pain this morning. I surely thought my groin/hip/bursitis was going to hurt in full force but it kinda feels the same as it has been as if I only went 1 mile..   Maybe it’s healing? I can only hope.


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You could have just taken a nap here yesterday. I would not mind. My couch is a great napping couch. And… The phones don’t ring, the cats don’t bark, and there’s no one to ask questions.

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