Attempted Runner.

Glutenated fun…and kayaking!

Wednesday weigh-in didn’t go as well as I had planned. Last week, 156.

This week……::::::whispers in shame:::: 160.

I don’t get it. Wednesday through Friday, I tried hard. I did real well and it showed once again. Saturday I woke up and I’m 155. I was eccstatic! I was going on a long run and already had my meals planned out.
I meet up with my sister and like last time, I got us slightly lost….again. These streets need to be marked a little better, I tell ya. Ok, or I need to pay attention more to streets than to Garmin. We end up doing 5.19 miles and I felt great. I felt that I did better this week than I have the last few weeks. I was even able to run longer/farther without my hip pain starting to flair.
When we got back to Fleet Feet (our usual starting point) and Lisa, the Rock n’ Roll Run San Jose ambassador was there giving discounts for the race and limited tshirts if you signed up.


I cannot say no to free t-shirts, so my sister and I signed up for the RnR SJ 5 mile mini marathon. I’m not ready for another half marathon just yet but at least this will let me scope out RnR, in case I choose them as one of my next half headliners.

We hit up the farmers market to get free fruit samples to replenish our sugar levels then headed over to P.F. Chang’s. I got my usual, Gluten Free Mongolian beef with brown rice. I ate half of it and took the rest home.

Sunday, I’m back to 156 but chalk it up to sodium/water retention/soreness. I didn’t care much because instead of rest day it was Sunday Kayaking Fun Day!! I start the day by checking the oil, just to be safe since we’re driving out to Santa Cruz and I just hit 130,000 miles.
Rule 1: After checking oil and starting your car to drive away….if you hear clunking,  immediatly stop your car.
Rule 2: Be sure to tighten your oil cap, otherwise it blows off and lodges itself somewhere under your car and you have to take off all white colored articles of clothing and messing up your hair so you can lay in the middle of the street to look for said oil cap.


Rule 3: Don’t worry Dad, I fixed it!!!

After that, everything was going swell. We get to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and met with our kayaking tour guide. This was the first time I ever been open ocean kayaking so I wanted to be sure I was paying attention. Oh, I had so much fun. Kayaking on the ocean is much more fun than on the lake. I saw sea otters/lions/snails, seals, birds of all sorts, crabs, centipede looking things, memorial roses and a bunch of other stuff. I got a little nervous in the kelp forest because I was just waiting for SeaSwamp Thing to reach out and grab me. But when we started going out to the open water, 1/2 mile out, with all the boats and choppy waves splashing all over…..I was having the time of my life. I had so much fun I was grinning like an idiot the whole time paddling out.


A little less than 2.5 hours later, we docked and headed for Woodstock’s because it was the only place in S.C that not only had Gluten Free pizza, but was certified GF too! We walked about .60 miles, ate the yummy pizza and on the way back….there was an accident. Some guy rearended this little old lady. She was shook up and bumped her head. We got her to pull over then did our good semaritan duties. We waited with her while the paramedics, firemen and police showed up. Made sure she was ok and gave our statements to the officers. On our way back, I figured with all the activity I was doing, why not add in a little speedwork. Me against Roaring Camp Railroads.


I won.

One would think that with two days full of activity and being within my calories, followed by Monday 3 miles, Tuesday cross training NTC style and still being within calories (except Monday, but not enough to gain 4 lbs), that the scale would be down. Or at least the same from last weigh in Wednesday. So this morning when I saw that I was up 4 from last week, I was upset. Then I realized….

Hey!! It’s not my fault!!

I was glutenated!!!!

No joke. I didn’t dawn on me till this morning. After kayaking, but before lunch my belly started to hurt. I blew it off…I don’t get contaminated often so I forget what the symptoms/pain is, since sometimes it just feeling like I ate too much. Anyway, Monday, my belly was rumbling and gurgling and hurting…I shrugged it off, because I’m not smart. Same thing on Tuesday. Worst of all though was….

Skip the italics if your not one on TMI. I’m a runner and gluten intolerant so talking about bowel functions is second nature. Hahahh

I haven’t been able to go numero dos in three days. This is typical three day torture when I get glutenated.

Moving right along….Usually, if in get contaminated it can take anywhere from 30minutes, to 24 hours, to even three days for me to get symptoms. By lunch time on Sunday when my belly hurt it was around 24 hours from when I ate at PF Chang’s. Monday, I had my left overs… it extended my torture. I even was bloated, but still…it didn’t click. Stupid gluten intolerneces, I hate you.

For some reason I have the three day rule. Three day to get contaminated and the my symptoms and pains can last up to 3 days for me. Those three days are the worst. Longer if I’m contaminated again, which I was on Monday with left overs that I didn’t know where contaminated in the first place.

Now that my three days are up (hopefully by tomorrow) and I’m feeling a lot better…and my bloating goes away and I can use the facilities normally, maybe the scale will go back down to 155.

See…this is me and Monster feeling much better.


So, I’m still mad/upset about the 4 pounds but I’m more mad I got contaminated. If I get back to normal and I’m still 4 pounds up then I’m just doing something wrong.



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I like lake kayaking a lot. But will do ocean again. Just to see you smile like a maniac.

Comment by Runningfromitall

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