Attempted Runner.

Weigh in Wednesday.

Lets start this by saying…..I REGISTERED FOR THE TINKER BELL 5K and 10K! I was going to do the half marathon too, but logical beat needs. I thought it was safer to do smaller mileage, since I just got back up to running again. I haven’t gone longer than 4.29 miles (It keeps going up each time I mention my high mileage) in 7 months and I don’t think doing 22 miles on top of all the miles I would put on hanging out at the expo and Disneyland for 5 days would be smart. I’ll get my revenge on the Tinker Bell Half in 2015.

In other news, July 1st I made a goal to beat the almost-a-year-now plateau of 160lbs, by loosing 5 pounds before the end of the month. It seemed realistic and possible to obtain. My first week (I extended it out to Wednesday, rather than Monday, since Wednesday has been my weigh in day for the last 2+ years) went well. The first, I announced my current weight to the worldpress. That makes it more real. I blurted out my goal…that makes me feel accountable because someone out there might be curious as to my progress. I don’t want to let that person (or myself) down, so its something I will try to achieve.

Midway….Saturday, I was feeling great. I woke up at 155!!!! and we (J and myself) were going to go on a long run (4.29, the longest yet!). I’m at my lowest, I lost pounds and I’m going on a 4 miler so it’ll help me maintain the 155.


Then Sunday through Tuesday happened.


Of course it did.


Sunday, I was spot on my daily caloric goal. Monday I went above my calories, but I went on another 4 miler, so it evened it out. Tuesday, I had pizza. I meant to only eat half, but I was hungry and had no salad left. I need to go shopping. I ate the entire thing. Good Gluten Free pizza is hard to come by…..its hard to resist when I do get one. Now, its Wednesday and sadly, I was no longer 155. I was still below 160, though so that’s a plus. This morning Beauford (my scale) was flashing a lovely shade of 156.8.

This number still makes me happy for multiple reasons.

1. This is the lowest I have been and have been able to officially track, in two+ years.

2. It finally is lower than my 159-160 average I have been stuck at.

3. I lost some weight!

4. I still have 3 more weeks to accomplish my goal.

I just feel sooooo hungry! Today was a bad day. I was doing well till lunch (cereal for breakfast, pretzels for snack and a sandwich for lunch). I was doing fine around my snack time (11am), but after I finished my sandwich at lunch (12:30) I was still hungry so I had the corn that I packed too. I thought it would be ok though because I still had about 300 calories for dinner and had to do my speed training. I could make it work.

I get home and I don’t know what happened but I was starving. I nibbled on everything. I don’t know if it was because I was bored or thirsty or what….I was starving and couldn’t help but snack on a few chips/nacho cheese, a handful of popcorn, two spoonful’s of Cole slaw, some more pretzels, two cookies….UGH!

Eat all the food.

Then A suggested we go to RR for dinner. I probably should have said no or ordered the salad, but put me in a place that serves up of a piece of heaven wrapped in a gluten-free bun and I cannot turn is down. It’s like my Nacho Cheese of restaurants. Gah..I have no control with certain foods.

We get home and I just wasn’t up to do my speed work. My belly felt, blah….I almost thought it was a gluten contamination, but I chalked it up to eating too much.  I volunteered to make today a rest day instead of Sunday, since I’ll be kayaking for 2 hours on Sunday. I need a rest day, right? Today may have been one of those cheat days everyone talks about. You know, the ones you can take to trick your body so you don’t get into a routine. Yea.. that’s it. One goof up a week, may help me in the long run because I’m not getting stuck in a routine.

It doesn’t matter anymore, anyways….. Today is over. I’m still proud of myself for loosing weight but I’m a little disappointed and perhaps disgusted that I ate everything.

No fretting over it now. Tomorrow is a new day. Breakfast, Snack and lunch have been packed with a little more protein filled foods. Maybe that’ll help with the feelings of hunger later on. I also resume my training tomorrow as well.

It’s also only the first week down, three to go.


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I’m registered for my first Disney race next February – have fun with Tinkerbell!

Comment by Molto Vivace

Tinker bell 2014 will be my 5th RunDisney event (1 half, 5 5ks and 2 10ks). If you have any fun like I always do then it may be your first RunDisney event but it definatly won’t be your last.

Comment by Attempted Runner


Comment by Molto Vivace

Haha. Eat all the food.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Yes I have had two day in a row like that…It’s like grazing only it’s not grass in a field it’s junk food in a pantry 😦

Comment by hikeinspired

They sometimes are the best of days, but mostly they are the worst of days.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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