Attempted Runner.

Google Maps got me lost; Thats my story and I’m sticking to it.

I went on my longest run post injury today! Our Fleet Feet (FF) that organizes Saturday group runs usually creates routes for us to follow. They typically offer 2-4 different routes with different distances ranging from 3 miles to 8 miles. Since my NTC training called for a 4 mile run (I modified it so I wouldn’t go too far, too fast), I created my own route. The other day I went to Google Maps and looked for an area near the store that I can run through. I then went to the U.S.A Track and Field website to “map it out” and also get the mileage to see where we would need to run to make 4 miles. I mapped out the route perfectly; it would have been (Key words there) exactly 4 miles. I was pretty proud of myself for that one.

We get to FF, gear up, stretch out and begin our run. Things were going well. Shortly after 1 mile, we stumble across a slide. J takes the opportunity to play on it.

Getting a little stair action.

We continue on our way and this is where Google Maps got me lost.  We exit the park and go left, just like my Google Map directions… I’m following along and then we come up to a closed off-road with a cross street that was not on my directions. We’re lost. I go to my Google Map App and locate myself to see where we are and try figure out what went wrong. Rather than back tracking and trying to find the street I really wanted, I just looked for an alternative route. We took the alternate route I located and finally got back to where we originally were suppose to end up around mile 3.

On we go…..I start to get a Charlie horse in the back of my thigh but I stopped and stretched before it made me do the funny Charlie horse walk. By the time we get back to FF, we did 4.29 miles. A little more than planned, but it worked out in the end. There were a few hills that I ended up having to walk up because I lost my mojo.. oh the hillmanity! But overall my hip wasn’t hurting. Unlike last week. I swear it, I think LadyCrasher from last week, totally ruined me and that’s why I started to hurt then.

After I re-applied my deodorant (I really have a fear of stinking, even though I probably think I stink more than I really do after a run) we walked through the Farmers Market. Followed by a few stops at Sports Authority, Chipotle and REI (Hey! That was the same moves last weekend!). J and I magically ended up at Old Navy (HEY! JUST LIKE LAST WEEK TOO!!!!), T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and Ross. At Old Navy, I got their Old Navy Active Wear running capris and a tank top (the grey one), both for 30% off. At TJ Maxx I got a Hind (I never heard of this brand before) running tank for $10 and Marshalls I got Pony running shorts for $6…I thought they only made shoes…I still think they only make shoes because I don’t see anything about clothes on their website. Oh, I also went to the library to get a book for my book club meeting, but that’s a whole different blog.

Running Clothes are the best kind of clothes!

You wouldn’t know it, but I took a few minutes to go research. Pony U.S doesn’t have clothes listed ANYWHERE, but if you go to the pony sights from other countries, clothes can be found. Weird. Anyway! It’s not like I’ll be buying many Pony Clothing, so I guess it’s not that big of a deal.

Moving right along!  After my day’s adventure with J concluded I drove home and did what I always do. Get too excited and can’t wait to upload my Garmin. I found out how to share my Garmin Website, I still may be slow, but I’m getting better! I averaged 13mph’s today! I also found how to share the activity on Facebook and WordPress. WordPress however, just gives a link…See —>Dolores/Junipero Loop by AttemptedRunner at Garmin Connect – Details.

If you don’t feel like clicking that link to see my activity/stats…in summary, here is what we did.

The Map AFTER the wrong directions.

As I was watching my video player thing, recap my route today…I noticed we turned right on a street (Hopkins) that we weren’t suppose to turn onto, until AFTER we were on another street (Independence). We were suppose to end up on San Jose, but that never happened.  It wasn’t Google Maps, it was really me because I jumped ahead on my directions because I saw the street sign and forgot we were suppose to PASS the street first because we would be looping back around to it. HAHA SILLY ME!!.  Obviously, GoogleMaps was not accurate and that is why we got slightly misplaced…..

In further news…I mentioned the other day about getting really nauseous on the treadmill and thinking it may have had something to do with the hole in my foot. I think that DID have something to do with getting queasy. I mentioned I got the splinter on Tuesday I think. I went to work on Wednesday and my foot still hurt, but thought it was just because I cut a hole in my foot to get the splinter out. Thursday during my run, it hurt and that’s when I got nauseous. Friday morning, I woke up and it was still hurting despite all the peroxide and Neosporin. Well…let me tell you! Even though I cut a giant hole in my foot to get the splinter, apparently I didn’t get ALL of it out. Before my shower on Friday, I took off the Band-Aid and was cleaning it up and noticed something black. I look closer and notice it wasn’t just dirt (I was in flip-flops the day prior and don’t take showers at night…often). I grab my tweezers and pull out a DRAGON TALON!!!!

Dragon Talon splinters.

I pull the Dragon Talon out of my foot and put more peroxide on then took my shower. After my shower, I put more peroxide on because I figured during my shower I pretty much washed the peroxide it out. As I was reapplying the peroxide…I noticed another black thing. What the heck, right? So I take a closer look, grab my tweezers and pull out the pebble that took down Goliath.

The rock that took down Goliath.

I guess I didn’t get the splinter out like I thought and it was in there DEEP! It took three days for my body to reject it. The lessons learned:

  1. Wear shoes when walking in the driveway.
  2. No matter how far you dig in your foot, the splinters always win.
  3. If your splinter entry wound still hurts after three days…there is still more splinter in there. And rocks.
  4. It reminded me of Project Mayhem…….If the applicant then waits for three days without food, shelter, or encouragement he may then enter and begin his training [Clearly, the applicant was not suitable for Project Mayhem].
  5. If the movie Alien or those other Sci-Fi movies are real about creatures taking over someone’s body for a host body…..and they picked me for the “host” it’ll take 3 days before my body rejects it.

Final thoughts…… I love Fight Club.


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You did great today! And that splinter is insanely big :/

Comment by Runningfromitall

Sounds like a wonderful day, minus the splinter and the map. 😉 Btw, soaking your foot in Epsom salt helps draw any potential infection out and it will heal help it faster. 🙂

Comment by runningtoherdreams

Thanks for the tip. However it’s not needed because after I pulled the splinter and pebble, washed it out and applied a bandaid with ointment it closed right up.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Dude, I never would have made it past that slide. 😉

Comment by Brandi

It was hard but we had to keep moving. Last week, I purposely had us pass the slide but two littles were hogging it. Those jerks.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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