Attempted Runner.

Apparently, I like [the] word vomit.


Maybe if I put these bad boys on my shoes, they will make me run faster. Who needs redbull when you got ShWings?

So, everyone around here is all like, “Happy 4th of July!” and honestly, I’m over here like….

“Where’s the BBQ?”

I got up this morning, thinking it would be an unscheduled rest day, because last night…..last night was bad. I only had to go 2 miles. No problem right? Well, I was already sore and my foot was still hurting from the hole I made in it trying to get a splinter out. It was really in there!! I got worried it was from pressure treated wood and that my foot would get diseased and fall off….so I cut that shit out. Hahahardcore. 

Anyway, since my butt muscles (butt muscles sound better than glutes) were aching and my foot was on fire, I thought I’d take this time to calibrate my nike+ footpod to the treadmill. I’m not going to use it much outside anymore since I have my forerunner10; which I love!!! So at least it if I  calibrated the nike pod to the treadmill, I can still log the miles, indoors. I walked the first mile (it calibrated but the treadmill said 1 mile, while nike+ said 1.3 miles…whatever I gave up). Then I ran 1/2 mile to calibrate it. I finished the half mile then just decided to walk the last half mile. I was feeling funny. I just thought I didn’t let my food digest enough. Or it was hot….but I dunno.. at 1.75 miles I was getting that weird feeling you get in your jaw muscles before you vomit all of your meals from the last four days…that happens to other people and not just me, right?….I thought, oh crap!! I’m not sure about you, but I loathe vomitting. I do whatever I can to not vomit. So, I stopped the treadmill and laid on it. Just laid there for a bit. Deep breathing. The weird mouth feeling thing subsided and I did the most rational thing….

I stood up, pressed start and finished the last 1/4 mile. It was weird. Maybe a combination of unsettled dinner, subconcious diseased foot illness, heat stroke, etc.

::::shrugs:::: I’m over it.

Like I said, I planned for today to be a rest day after my night and achy body. I got up……..and did the 45 minute Nike Training club beginner get lean: hurricane workout.
So much for a rest day.
My legs didn’t want to move after that. I managed to get my butt off the ground cause I got hungry and had breakfast.

Went shopping with A and also to lunch. A said he was ready for a nap after lunch because he put himself in a food coma. O responded with the best pun. He tried not to laugh but he had to admit it was a good one.

For those dying to know:
A: I can take a nap when we get home.
Me: Why? After all that ::::points to his chips/salsa, spinach/artichoke dip, bacon ranch quesadillas::: did you work up a nappetite?

We were suppose to see Dispicable Me 2 today…cause you know, it’s the fourth….(wait for it)….red, white and Gru.

Ahahha I’m on a roll today!!

But we thought tomorrow would be better since most people might be back to work so it won’t be as crowded.

Now, I’m at home sweating in the shade with Milo.


While A digs holes in the blazing sun to plant his ivy….and while Jesse is somewhere pissed off in the house because I got him wet with the hose. I was only doing him a favor because he gets too hot and starts vomiting. Once the vomit is out, I got him wet….so now he’s mad.


This is Jesse in his wagon, ignoring me.

I do have to go to the store in a bit to get stuff for our BBQ because that is one of the best ways to celebrate the Nations Independence…..

That, and I have 700ish calories remaining that I’m tryin hard to accomodate for a juicy burger!


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