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Challeneges make me a better person.

This morning I thought I would do something different than just wake up and get ready for work. I have three alarms set every morning.
5:00am is the first alarm for A that allows for a snooze.
5:15 is A’s get up and take a shower alarm.
5:32 is my alarm for me to get up.
I’m usually up at the 5:15 alarm. Well, not up but more of a just lay there up. So, I thought that maybe I can get up at 5 and run to beat the heat, since it’s another 100℉ day.
I was to run 4 miles, but after LadyCrasher ruined me on Saturday and still feeling it a wee bit, I decided I would take it easy and do 2.5miles.

Well, 5:00 rolls around and I didn’t get up. 5:15, didn’t get up then either. My morning run was out of the question.

Fast forward to after work. I get my three new Under Armour tanks. I have 13 now, I think.
Side note: These are the best tank tops ever. Maybe I’ll review them later.  Since I again, was feeling motivated I figure I’d do my run while I still had it in me to run. I wasn’t going to go outside though so I did the next best thing.

I played McGyver.

I took the new 24′ fan that A bought and stratigcally placed it in a chair behind the treadmill on high. I grabbed the body wrap thing that has a pocket for a heat pack that allows you to velcro the heatpad around your waist for lower back pain. I’ll tell you what….slip an ice pack in that there fancy contraption and you get instant 10 degrees cooler.
Add in a cold my wet wash cloth, and game, set. March.

Wet towel + jumbo size ice pack x giant fan on a nice easy 2.5 mile treadmill run divided by a hot room (it’s 100 outside but 90 in the house) and carry the two

Equals boom!!! Sweaty but no embarrassing red face!!!!!


I look high, but I swear I'm not.

Now, moving all along to dinner time.

I did Juneathon very well. That was the most excercise I have done since I was in elementary school. Oh, to be young again. Anyway, since I did so well I thought I’d give myself another challenge. I’ll come up with a name cause julyathon just doesn’t have a nice ring to it. I’ve decided to go back to managing my food.

I know I’ve wrote blog entries before about having a buttload of nachos and still loosing a pound..I did. It happened..but then I’d gain it back. All to repeat that cycle. As some know, I use to be 212. Yep, I said it. I ended up loosing 50-55 pounds. It’s now seven months since I lost that and the scale hasn’t moved any less. I’m like permastuck between 158.9 on a good day to 161.8. I tracked calories and 90% of the time I was within 1200-1500. No change in weight.
Maybe it was the lack of excercise from being out for 6 months because of the hip issue. Juneathon rolls around and I did something active on 27 of the 30 days. Same calories…maybe added a few depending on my activity. Logically you would thing increase excercise and 1200-1500 cals somethings gotta change. Well it didnt. I’ve been getting these damn messages for weeks from…but theyre all lies.


Seriously, one notification said 154. The next 151. Every number under 159.8 but have I seen that? Nope.

Perhaps my problem was that I got comfortable in the 1200-1500 cal mark and stopped tracking as much. Sometimes I wouldn’t count a few peices of insert whatever food you want here, or “eyeball” those meausrements/portion sizes. And when they say, “eat all the fruits and vegetables you want!” did that really mean eat everything!!!!!!! Note: not really eat everything, I just threw that inside joke in for my sis.

Now, I’m not trying to be one of those people who obsess over weight because once I lost the 50, I was good. I also thought I was 5’9 but that’s a whole other story that I blogged while back. Anyway, I don’t really obsess over the scale because isn’t it obvious, since 7 months passed and I haven’t cared too much up until now? It’s just that when you are soooooooo F’ing (excuse my alphabetting) close (my goal is 147-152) but things never change….I get frustrated.

So, what else can I do? I’m doing the Nike half women’s marathon training guide, so I’m doing some sort of physical acitivty for 30+ minutes (Im in week 4 of 12 and it’s just moved to the 45 minute workout programs and longer runs are coming up) and I’m still eating within my calories, but now I won’t be so lenient on the portions.

So what’s my weight-be-gone challenge?
To loose at least 5 pounds by the end of July. That’s not unreasonable is it? Loose 5 pounds in a month? It can be done, and then some.

I lost track where I was going with this, so I’ll just end it now.

Got any tips and (healthy) tricks for me?


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Hahahahaha Must eat everything!

Good plan, I think it will help.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Good luck with your challenge. 5 pounds a month is a good goal.

Comment by girlsgoneactive

5lbs in a month is achievable but I feel your pain – I’ve been getting the same type of messages from fitbit! That combined with it not tracking my steps tonight because I walked on treadmill on a gradient holding the heart rate bar = GGGRRR (that would be angry me! Lol). Outcome was a super-huff induced, eat anything I can get my hands on night!

Comment by Yvonne

That’s probably as just annoying as my nike+ iPod sensor never calibrating correctly so if I so a 5k, it really says I did 4 miles. No matter how many times I calibrate it. Stupid electronics.

Comment by Attempted Runner

oooooo.. don’t mention Nike+… grrrr
And weight’s a tough issue to manage. I weighed myself at the local chemist, was pushing 200lbs but I though I was carrying it OK, but it also gave me my Body Fat%… just something else to worry about!!!

Comment by rundelrun

Not sure if it’s nike+ or sync that I cannot mention. Aaaahahahahahahha. Sorry, those were just funny stories.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I don’t have any tips for you since I have only lost a small bit of my 45 pounds or so I need to lose. Just keep trying I’m sure you will find something that works and then after you blog about it i’ll do it LOL

Comment by hikeinspired

Hahahahhahhaha. Deal.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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