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#Juneathon 29 – 1,338 burritos and a broken butt.

Happy “Long” Run Day! As you may or may not know, or care…I had a scheduled 3.5 long run to do today. So, I woke up at 5:30 and got ready. I spent a long time in the shower because I planned to wear shorts. I had to make sure I shaved my legs properly. For those that do not know what properly is…it means above the knee. hahaha Girls will know what I’m talking about.


Anywho, after getting dressed I still had an hour to kill before going to meet up with my sister. I made breakfast to power me up for the run. I’m telling you, Glutino’s English Muffins are great! That paired with Turkey Sausages and eggs….Mmmm. Tasty. As I ate my breakfast, I slapped on some KT Tape and then headed out the door. IN SHORTS! I don’t usually wear shorts, but since it was suppose to get to 100 degrees (highest for our run, I think may have been 86-88) I made an executive decision. Boy, was I glad for that decision. I even wore short ankle socks, rather than ProCompression socks.

KT Tape, second breakfast of Champions.


We arrive at Fleet Feet and no one is around. We started to think that maybe everyone else already took off to beat the heat, but soon enough people (not as many as last week) showed up. We all finally began our run and my sister and I ended up being in the back. Only because we were dilly-dallying.

And slow.

As we reached the first crosswalk and waiting for the little man to tell us it was safe to proceed across said crosswalk, a lady reaches us and asks what our normal running pace is. One look at her and I said…SLOW! She volunteered herself to run with us because she had to take it easy since she’s coming back from a calf injury. We were nice and let her run with us but towards the mile marker, I was getting nervous. I wanted to take a small walking break but I didn’t really want to be that person that slows everyone down so I kept up. Until finally, I was like…SCREW YOU! I’m walking! My sister and Lady, were fine with it and walked. Drank some water. Walked some more until she we started running again.  Towards the last mile, I was slowing down a lot. My sister kept up with the lady (who normally JOGS a normal 8min pace) so good for my sister! I was still going, but my 10:48 (New record for fastest mile!) turned into a 12:13 (mile two), which then turned into 13:34 (third mile) and then finally I couldn’t do it anymore. I ended up dropping back to my “comfort” slow pace of 15:08. To be exact. I even started walking and told them to go ahead and I’ll meet them back at the store since it was only a 1/2 mile left.

I wasn’t as tired as I was last week, but I stopped to walk the rest of the way only because my head was getting fuzzy and my groin started to ache. Then I got worried. Not because I potentially could have passed out because of heat exhaustion or anything, but because I was getting that groin pain. That of which I felt around mile 6-9 at my half (just not AS intense) and before my injury at mile 11. No…not worried. I got scared. I felt that because I tried my best to keep up with Lady, I pushed too hard for my third ever long run, in 6 months.  Overall, I finished 3.5 miles in 44:11.

Just in case you want to walk 3.5 miles, in my footsteps...Here ya go.

Just in case you want to walk 3.5 miles, in my footsteps…Here ya go.

Although, statistically I did better this week (went .10 farther and about 3 minutes faster)…mentally and physically I felt I did better last week. Hopefully next week, I won’t have a running partner who I have to try and prove myself to. My sister doesn’t care what I run, even though sometimes I feel bad because I slow her down. ::::shrugs::: Sorry, J.

We got back to Fleet Feet and they had some ice cold Nuun. I drank a bunch of that and did some stretches hoping that it would help my groin ache to go away. I’ll get the ice pack out later. It’ll be a two in one deal. Ice for my back but also ice for the (as of now) 103* temp!!!!

Fleet Feet PLS


Then, I think I broke my butt.


Hahhahahaah. No, I got a twinge of pain just below and to the left of my spine. That kind of pain, when you sleep wrong and you get that crick in your neck that won’t go away and hurts when you move a certain way. It was that same pain, just in above my butt.  Shrugged it off and went on our merry way. Shopped around a bit at Michael’s Craft store (got my foam for a duck hat), Sports Authority (more KT tape and Pay Days ), LUNCH! (Chipotle! DUDE!! They are having a game in a few weeks where the grand prize winner will win a gift card with $9,100. THAT’S ROUGHLY 1,338 bowls….OF COURSE I SIGNED UP TO PARTICIPATE! I LOVE CHIPTOLE!), went to Target for one two things, then REI for The Travel size Stick.

Once I got home I rolled/sticked and my broken butt is feeling a little better, so that’s good.


Now, my Juneathon has come to an end. I know there is technically one more day left, but that is my scheduled rest day and I plan to take full advantage of that.

The only downside is, you won’t have the pleasure of reading a daily blog post from me…but who knows. I might surprise you!



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Before long you will be keeping pace, or passing me. So no worries. 🙂

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