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#juneathon 28 – Stretch like an Egyptian.


’nuff said.


Hahahahhaa jk.

I was so happy that my NTC program had me scehduled to do either yoga or the 15 minute Kara Goucher stretching program. They are the easy activites.

I plopped my butt on the floor right smack dab infront of the AC and got my stretch on. My legs feel all loose now. Don’t know if it’s because I got Goucher power or because I’ve been stretching all day. Here was me earlier at work.


It’s like I’m doing the lying quad stretch except I’m not laying on the floor. Even though we tend to do that more often than not. Today, K brought out her foam roller. I think I just sat there watching her wince in pleasure for about 15 minutes. I did make a point to tell her it was very entertaining.

Got my group run tomorrow and I’m going to be prepared for the heat. The weather says it’s going to be 72℉ to 78℉ during the time well be on route, but if PLS is anything like WCR, that means the real feel will be high 80s. I’ll bring a wet wash cloth, four water bottles, two with ice. I’ll wear my UA victory heat gear tank and even make everyone jealous and show of my whiteness by blinding everyone because my legs haven’t seen the sun in probably 21 years. I even thought about not wearing my Pro Compression socks tomorrow but I will.  Once we trek it to the top of the hill, I’ll roll them down. So it’s not like I’ll be blinding everyone the entire time. Even thought about icepacks in my bra and undies but thought that would be a little much. My hope is that I majorly over prepare for the heat and then it ends up snowing.


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Since I had to switch around my training, today was not a stretch day for me. :/

Comment by Runningfromitall

There is alwys room for a stretch day.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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