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#juneathon 27 – I couldn’t beat the heat.
06.27.13, 20:01
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It’s day’s like today that make me thankful there is only a few more days left for Juneathon.

I just wasn’t feeling it today. It was hot (91 by ny workout time) and just dry. I had my fan and shorts on but doing interval circuit style NTC workout from hell, doesn’t help me cool down. I was so hot, even my shins were sweating.

I didn’t know shins can sweat.
Splint, yes.
Sweat, no.

I couldn’t do my workout full bore. My jump squats turned into deadlifts. My froggers turned into planks. My 1 minute intervals, turned into 45 seconds. I opted for the easy way out on most of the moves. I wanted it to be over.
I did most of what I could within the 30mins. I then was suppose to do another 15 min. Workout but looking at the routine, I realized I had nothing left. Not even a care to want to do it and do it with at least a little bit of effort. I opted for the 15 min, Shawn Johnson stretch program. That heled me cool down but the shower I took afterwords was heaven.

Despite this wretched heat…how many times must I say how much I loathe the heat….I hope I don’t have this attitude on Saturday for my scheduled long run (3.66 miles). It’s suppose to be 99℉.


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It won’t be 99° when we go. It will be 74..

Comment by Runningfromitall

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