Attempted Runner.

#juneathon 26 – do my armpits stink?

I think California just up and moved to the East coast. This humidity is just uncalled for. I opted to do my 2 mile run on the treadmill because I could at least blast the fan, have a cold wet washcloth and watch the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

It helped (the fan and washcloth, not the hunchback) cause outside would have been worse. It rained Monday and Tuesday and Sunday is going to be 101! Dag Nabbit.

So, I stretched, sticked and rolled before hand but was a little stiff in the hips. I then got a little hesitiant cause I fear hip pain now and I didn’t push as hard on the running. I split it up with speed walking. If it can be an Olympic sport, it’s still a sport. I stretched and sticked again when I was done. I did work up a good sweat, but not like I would of without the washcloth. I decided to put more deoderant on because I felt my armpits stunk. They probably didnt…but because I have like 10 different deoderants, I figured I could spare a few swipes. You’re welcome for that info.

I missed Jeopardy tonight, DANG!, because I had to make dinner.


Oh the pastabilities!! What could I make with this?

I made Old Spaghetti Factory’s brown butter pasta with mizithra cheese. Why? Because:
1. It’s quick and easy.
2. Three ingrediants. Four if you make two noodle versions.
3. It’s good.
4. A’s lunch and our dinner for the next day or two is taken car of.

It’s also A’s favorite and making an entire pound of it at home is a lot cheaper than just one bowl at OSF. I think I took the win for that one. I made two different noodles this time. One with regular spaghetti noodles for A and gluten free ones for yours truly. I was being nice, cause normally make it GF and A has to eat it.


Now, I know its 8:30 pm, but it’s pretty much past my bed time. Don’t judge me. I was up late last night, 10pm….wow!, watching Chris Powell.


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