Attempted Runner.

#Juneathon 24 – Woe is me….I’m so compressed.

It’s summer time….and it’s raining. I was going to run outside today but didn’t want to get my shoes wet in case I need to return them. I’m fairly sure I won’t have to and that they are my new best friends, but I rather wait til I’m most positive before sloushing through puddles.
So, since I didn’t take my happy feet outside I decided to test out my compression shorts I got for my RunDisney 10k outfit. I don’t typically wear shorts because of the whole chafing issue , and thus the reason for the test drive. After 6.2 miles, I want to make sure I’m comfy. Shoot, after 1 mile I want to make sure I’m comfy. I tried first with just the white compression shorts for the first 3/4s mile then to see what they were like with other shorts over because I won’t go out in tight fitting shorts.


Under Armour compression shorts

Left over KT tape still works. I make surr I get my money’s worth in each strip.


They did the job. Moved slightly but settled into place. With the running shorts over, if I wear them a little higher up they won’t get sucked into my crotch area. 😀

Oh and a lesson for the day, flaming hot cheetos are not pre race snack foods. I wanted to vomit the whole 1.5 miles. Thank goodness NTC only had me do 1.5 today.

Lesson learned.


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Don’t get red cheeto powder on your white shorts. Lol!

Comment by JMH

I was thinking of heading to dick’s again after Saturday to get black for Badbass. Don’t want to ruin the white beforehand.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Ok. Sounds good.

Comment by JMH

“sloushing”… good word!… and very quick question re compression kit/KT Tape, do you feel a difference straight away or is this something thats noticable over time? Less pain/strain/injury etc etc

Comment by rundelrun

I don’t wear kt tape on training days unless they are longer runs. But all race days I will. I’ll wear the socks all the time. I use to feel tightness iny calfs for the full first mile but after getting Pro compression socks, I either don’t have that issue or its only for the first 1/4 mile. I use to get water under the knee and s brace didn’t help as much. Since I’ve used KTTape I haven’t had that problem. After my injury I also started using it on my hip flexor and it seems to help there too. During the runs I feel ok and the part I like the most, the next day I can walk and I’m not in pain or stiff or any of that.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I think it must be every runner’s goal in life to just be as comfy as possible…lol. I base almost every gear decision I make on comfort level. 😉

Comment by Brandi

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