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#Juneathon 23 – Happy Birthday, Ma.
06.23.13, 20:47
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Today was my rest day and I took full advantage of that. I slept until 8:40am. ZzzQuil might have helped that a bit. Took a quick stroll through Costco and Target. Be proud of me, I had a list of things I needed from Target and stuck to it!!!
A and I ended up meeting my mom at the movie theatre for her birthday followed by a good old egg burger at Red Robin.
Mom got a balloon flower.


Birthday balloons

After those festivities. I came home cleaned the house up and fell asleep. Drooled. That means it was a good nap.
Hung out a little more with A. Made and ate dinner. Then found what Jesse keeps eating in the backyard.  A says it might just be an old compost heap, but I say dead body. The piece of newspaper that read, “tragic grousome death,” broken fishing pole and rusty nails increased my suspicisons.

:::shrugs:: oh, well. We’ll play archiologists later.

All and all my rest day was pretty decent. Back to workouts tomorrow.


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