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Juneathon 22 – Summer Runnin’, Had me a blast!

I went to Fleet Feet Sports in Pleasanton today to participate in one of their weekly runs. They have a few different routes to take depending on the mileage that you want to do; 3.66, 4.somethhing, 5.something and 7.something. Since NTC had me scheduled for one of my first long runs today (3 miles), my sister and I opted for the 3.66 mile Happy Valley Route. We both figured that if things start to hurt, we’ll just turn around and go back to cut it short. This was out first time doing a group run, so we weren’t really sure what to expect or do. We just figured we would get lost somewhere cause everyone would take off since they’re at lot faster than us. The owner and coordinator, was really nice and told us what we do. She basically told us to pretty much do whatever we wanted; which route, how fast, running/walking…cause no one else cares. I liked that motto.

So, we start off and kept pace with most of the people (who before the start were talking about colonoscopies and elite running times). Once we passed the two stop lights before reaching another one, those Colonoscopers took off. My sister and I, just continued to do our own thing like the lady told us to do. There was one guy behind us for a bit that we chatted with. He reminds me of a hippy and just la-de-da, not a care in the world kind-a-guy. He was also the one guy that was encouraging me along when I did the Boston Tribute Run. So, I already like Hippy.

As we’re running down one of the busiest streets in downtown, I didn’t really care that people saw me (Shocked? I was). I just went. I normally keep my phone in my hydration belt when I run, but since this wasn’t a marked out course I took the little sheet of paper with the course directions on it and put it underneath my cellphone cover (my cellphone cover is a clear argyle, so I was able to see the directions pretty easily). You know what running with a cellphone in hand means?


First stop….Cemetery. I ran passed it because this was only about 1/2 mile in and I didn’t feel liking dying yet. Save that for the latter part of the run.

Ghost in a graveyard, run, ruN, RUN!

We passed a water fountain….or exploding fire hydrant perhaps, we really were to far away to tell. Whatever it was, casted a lovely rainbow glow. Are those considered Rainglows?

Rainbow in the water.

I slowed down a little shortly after this because there was a hill. I think I’ve expressed my hated of hills many of times, so I won’t get into it now. Walked up the hill, ran a little more, walked up another hill…it was getting hotter and…


A doe. A Deer. A female Deer….something about Tropic golden suns.

The last thing before getting back onto the busy road was the house that had Grapevines rather than a yard.

Want some Wine to go with that run?

As we’re finished up the last .66 miles, I realize that I FINALLY REACHED MY GOAL OF RUNNING A 5K UNDER 40 MINUTES.

Your Slow is my new fast!

I’ve been trying forever to reach it and I finally did! Your slow may be my fast, but I don’t care. I FINALLY GOT UNDER 40!!! Which means I set a PR by 1:29 from the last! It can only get better from here right?

Check out my swag; New Balance, ProCompression, Garmin, KT Tape (not visible), Target C9 pants, C9 RUNderwears/RUNderbra (not visible either), Under Armour Shirt.

I’m not sure if I finally got under 40, because of my new shoes (New Balance 860v3), because of my ProCompression socks, my Garmin that makes me run more, my KT Tape helping the blood flow, the Nike Training Club (NTC) Program I’ve been doing, or just the simple fact that I just awesomed all over the place (Thanks KMD for that reference) today.

After the run, I drank some Nuun – which btw, is a LOT better cold than it is warm…and headed over to the Under Armour Outlet. I’ve been wanting to go there since it opened, almost a year ago now. I think that now that I went…I should stay home.  I only bought 3 shirts (in my defense, once was on clearance with an extra 20% off, so it was really like I bought 2 and got 1 free). However, in the overall scheme (the spelling of that looks funny) of things, having the outlet so close will make my obsession for the Under Armour Victory Tank grow even more.

I have 8 out of 16, but I’m sure there are more colors coming eventually.

After we skipped out joyfully from UA, we went to Nike (not as much fun) and the New Balance Store (didn’t need any shoes, just wanted to look). I drove over to Dick’s sporting goods to show my sister their HUGE running clothes selection. This is probably another store that I wish I never went too, because they’ll be opening one less than a mile away from my house. There goes my paycheck.

Naturally, we got lunch. We earned it right? Comparing my Garmin calories, to my intake of calories from MyFitnessPal, I burned all my breakfast calories during the run, so I was pretty hungry. We went to Erik’s deli and I got the Rio Grande Club (Turkey, bacon, guacamole) on Gluten Free bread and a salad. Well, not really a salad. It was more just lettuce and two tomatoes. Said farewell to my sister after eating and here I am now… I rushed home, so I can do my Juneathon 22 post about HOW I FINALLY GOT UNDER 40 MINUTES!


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You did awesome everywhere. I saw it.

Comment by JMH

We awesomed together

Comment by Attempted Runner

We sure did.

Comment by JMH

I love “your slow is my fast”!!!

Comment by runnergirl44

Me too!! At least now, I have a fast.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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