Attempted Runner.

#Juneathon 20 – Spring into Summer.

Today is the last day of Spring. When I wake up it’ll be Summer. My last Spring time activities included the 30 minute NTC, Fighter Fit or something of the sort. It was sweat inducing… was also buttcramp creating. I did that workout, made dinner (cracked peppercorn Tri tip, sweet sweet mesquite black beans and broccolli with [nacho] cheese). After dinner settled, I was forced into making A cookies. I made his favorite that he eats, like I eat nacho cheese (dont judge me. I can’t help it…it’s my kryptonite).


Gluten Free white chocolate and cranberry crumble cookies.

I call them crumble cookies, because I am not a baker and cannot figure it out. Every time I have made them, except once, they come out perfect but them flatten out and crumble to the touch. Yet, A still eats them like he is Cookie Monster.

Then I ran one mile. To make up for Tuesday. I was suppose to do two, but I didn’t want to over do it and I’m tired. One mile is better than no mile.

Lastly, I used the stick of death.

It’s cousins to my foam roller from hell. I have a love-hate relationship with him too. He hurts so much but feels soooo good. It helped with that previously mentioned buttcramp too. 🙂

And now, as I lay here in bed, my favorite part of the day is here… bedtime.

Sleep tight!


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I have heard of this “stick” before, it’s a proper physio tool isn’t it? I occasionally used a rolling pin when the foam roller wasn’t cutting it, is it like that? Or worse?

Comment by rundelrun

It essentially has the same concept as a rolling pin, but worse. I took a picture and updated this post so you can see what it looks like. It’s thinner than a rolling pin and has these individual nub things that allowe the stick to bend and move to get around the muscles. It makes you want to vomit sometimes, specially if you have a really right muscle that’s being worked, but the overall results are amazing. I woke up today with no sore muscles and butt cramp is gone. Haha.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Nice socks!
So you use that on yourself??? WILLINGLY!!!… pppffffff… suppose whatever works, needs must etc etc

Comment by rundelrun

Thanks. They are one of my newest from procompression. And yes, willingly. I even push harder to make it hurt more….but it hurts so good. And helps. That’s the most important part.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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