Attempted Runner.

#Juneathon 19 – Please Sir, Can I have S’more?

I didn’t double my exercise like I planned. Today was the first time my nike app had me use weights. Made me realize how much of a weakling I am.
I used A’s weights….well, just the bar anyway. The scale said they were 3.6 pounds each.
I did the first set and it was fine. The second set my arms started to shake. The third set I got through but didn’t do as many reps cause I got jello arm syndrom. I’m not shocked though. I’ve known my arms are the weakest. I was then going to run my two miles that I was suppose to do, but after dinner while letting my food digest I started playing a game. Got completely caught up into it. Next thing I knew, I completed all 10 levels of the game and it was 9pm. So….I suck at promised run, but at least I did some sort of exercise today.

I’ll try again tomorrow to do two times the exercise to make up for Tuesday.

In better news…my breakfast was sooooo good this morning. Breakfast Peanut Butter banana S’mores.
I used Gluten free Schar graham crackers, natural Skippy peanut butter and Chiquita organic bananas.



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