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#Juneathon 17 – Short and sweet..
06.18.13, 21:22
Filed under: juneathon

I forgot to post this yesterday. I’m at 25 hours now….passed the juneathon requirements. Dang!! Oh well….not much to say, I ran two miles (I walked a bit too) yesterday and yep…

Note: worst post ever.


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Worst post?…. Creepy Doll People kind of worst post? ; )
Besides, it’s job’n’blog, doesn’t have to be Shakespeare 🙂

Comment by rundelrun

I dunno, creepy doll post at least had more interesting topics and something to look at. Even if it wad nightmare inducing.

Comment by Attempted Runner

“nightmare inducing”… RESULT {fist pump}… OK, sorry about the bad dreams.. and come to think about it… Nightmares aren’t exactly the responses/reactions I should be looking for! I’ll work on it!

Comment by rundelrun

Lol just think twice if creepy dolls are involved. Dick Van Dyke dancing like a penguin in Mary Poppins is ok. Dick Van Dyke as creepy clown doll? Not so much.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Gotcha… I’ll make sure it’s a good one tonight!

Comment by rundelrun

:::gives thumbs up::

Comment by Attempted Runner

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