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#Juneathon 16 – Resting with pirates.

First and foremost; Happy Fathers Day, Dad.

You’ll never see this cause you are not very computer savvy but that is 100% ok. I didn’t get to hang out with my dad today as he hauled it to his vacation house to get some fishing in. I still had a fathers day breakfast (his favorite and really, one of mine too) so it was like we were together in….bellies. not spirit. But bellies.



We then headed over to the Pirate Festival with A’s dad, sister, BIL and nephew.


Today was suppose to be my rest day, but after three and a half hours walking around the festival, I still ended up taking a nap (I drooled. I only do that when I’m REALLY tired) and getting out the ice pack.
I hope these other aches go away and it’s just from adjusting to my new shoes. I did downgrade a support level and really….I’m not complaining. I rather have achey knees and ankles than a busted hip.

I ended up watching Spirit of the Marathon (the first) on Netflix for the latter part of my day. So although I walked for three hours, I really also mentally ran a half with those individuals being documented for Chicago 2005. Boy, what a workout. These people baffle my mind and inspire me so much. After watching all those people cross the line at a full marathon, I still can’t beleive I’ve done a half marathon. But I got the medal and certificate to prove it!!


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Now…there’s a ton a running movies on netflix. And I’m pretty much going to watch them. My Run – has already made me cry, and it just started.

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