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#Juneathon 15 – I ran outside!!!!!!
06.15.13, 22:23
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I previously posted about why I can’t run outside. I was afraid. Too embarrassed. I don’t know. Well, today….

I ran outside!!!

This is my proof.

Two reasons why this is monumnetal. One reason being, I finally got out there and ran out into the wild! I was still unsure about it. Insecure. But I did it.

The second reason being, is because…
I ran.

Without hip pains.

I got my new shoes on Monday and went one mile. I didn’t have pain running but afterwords I did but I think it was residual from the previous week. Yesterday, I went 1.5 miles. Same thing. But finally I woke up this morning and it didn’t hurt!! So, I grabbed my Garmin and took off.
I walked .40 miles to calibrate my nike+ (so it’s more accurate while on the treadmill). I then ran 2 miles. I ran the first 1/2 mile (to set my nike+ running). Walked to .60, then ran again til 1 mile. I turned around and ran back (might have walked .20 miles). After I finished the two miles, I walked back home the remaining .40 miles for the cool down. After 6 months of not running more than 2 miles before my hip hurt…..I have hope that this is all behind me now.

Anyway, it’s nothing that will make people’s jaws drop but I think running close to a 12 min. mile after not running or training in 6 months….it’s impressive.


Anyway, let’s see what happens when I wake up tomorrow morning and see if I can walk or not. Althought, I again…have high hopes. My new shoes are a god send. I just wish I woukdnt have been told otherwise and never would have had this problem.


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Remember a long time ago I said you should get Magic shoes…

Well. I think the 860v3 in any color – are magic. 🙂

Comment by JMH

Yea, but the “experts” at two places, said I probably could switch but the aerials should be fine and it was over use. I trust no one but N, now.
I wore them all day today too. Felt like I walked 20 miles. My feet were so sore/hurting. I hope that’s just cause I’m still breaking in the superfeets.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I think it’s because of the super feets and also adjusting to the different level of support. 3 weeks and you should good.

And I know – N is awesome. And so is the Magic shoes. Lol

Comment by JMH

:::::crosses fingers::::: Depsite the sore feet, I’ll wear um tomorrow too. Breaking them in one day at a time. I rather have sore feet for a few days then a dad hip. He should see N. Ahhahahhahaha

Comment by Attempted Runner

Seriously. I have great feelings about this though. 🙂

Comment by JMH

Oooh. And even greater hopes now that you went outside!

Comment by JMH

Glad you faced your fears of running outdoors and did it 🙂 ! I spent the whole of the winter on the treadmill and had such anxiety going outdoors (mainly revolving around feeling self-conscious to passers-by), especially as I found the transition very difficult, but now I can’t face the treadmill as it is just so boring compared! And I think (or at least I tell myself) that passers-by/other runners actually don’t really care about random runners, I think they’re usually caught up in their own worlds!

Comment by Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout

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