Attempted Runner.

#Junethon 13 – Lucky 13.

Per my training plan, I was to do NTC again. I hate how it makes me sweat. I hate that later, my thighs are sore, my buttchecks hurt, I get out of chairs like I’m 96 because everything is sore….but I love it.


I know.

I noticed my face wasn’t as red as it usually is. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting stronger so it’s not as hard. Or if it’s cause I didn’t push as hard. Because after all the leg work I’ve done this past week, by the time I was doing a few of the last squats… I don’t even think they could be classified as squats anymore. Classic.

Then! I ate a taco salad! It’s mostly vegetables, so that’s healthy right? Right.
And before you ask…yes, nacho cheese was included in the making of this product. And yes, it’s still healthy. 😀

Oh and…..I do not have the concept of “matching” or being color coordinated while I work out.



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Wow… you must have drawn some pretty colourful pictures as a kid!!! : P

Comment by rundelrun

Still do.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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