Attempted Runner.

#Juneathon 12 – I don’t have a witty title for today.

I went to the dentist to get a teeny tiny cavity filled. Hey, I think I did good considering I haven’t had a cavity in probably 3+ years. Anyway, I took it like a champ without even having anesthsia. I think its more psychological because of the drill in your mouth. It males me think of horror movies.
Anyway, my Juneathon activity consisted of vacuuming, cleaning out my closet some…..O got ride of size 17 pants. I’m still in the double digits but that’s ok. I rather take my size 10 pants I just bought over my old size 17s.
I then made dinner. Ive been wanting KFC style chicken (and I don’t even like KFC) since I had to go Gluten free, yet too lazy to make it and when I do it never turns out quite right. Tonight, I took some chicken breasts and dumped them in King Arthur flour. Followed by better than egg.. then shaken, not stirred, in the GF breadcrumbs I had left over. I tossed some chili powder in there. Then baked. It turned out pretty good just not the fried chicken I’ve been wanting and it was a little spicy but that makes my life more exciting.

After watching Jeopardy and kicking A’s butt, I did day three of NTC. I opted for the elliptical since I do not have a spin class handy and A won’t get my bike down from the hooks.

Day 12 of activity and only one day off ?  I’m on a freaking roll. Even though my legs feel like jello, shockingly enough I don’t feel the need to stop…….yet.

High five to me!!

And here is a random photo of the boys tending to our Sunflower and pumpkin garden.



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🙋 Homemade KFC hi-5

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