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#Juneathon 10 – New Shoes.

Day Ten of Juneathon is upon us and I marked the occasion by purchasing new shoes.

I went to my local Fleet Feet and my favorite sales associate, N, was there. She is the one that fitted me about 3 years ago when I started running and I trust her judgment. Since I’ve lost weight, I’ve noticed that my gait has changed. After I got injured at the Tinkerbell Half, I went back in to Fleet Feet and asked another sales rep was there. This other girl said that I could perhaps switch down a size in shoes, but my current shoe should still be perfectly fine. She was the “expert” so I took her word for it. Months pass and my hip doesn’t get better. I start to think its my shoes. I went to Fleet Feet a few times, but left when I noticed N wasn’t working. FINALLY! I go in today and she is there. I patiently wait for her, because I wanted her to help me out and no one else. I explained to her everything that happened, how my old brooks (Aerials) were great, I got the newer updated model, did the half, got injured and it hasn’t gone away. I can cross train, ellipt, etc. and my hip is fine but the minute I start running my hip hurts again.

WELL! This is one reason why I have a girl crush on N.  She is amazing! She fitted me, starting from scratch. She measured my foot (size and width) and had me walk up and down the aisle, followed by a run up and down the aisle. She said, Oh yea you defiantly need a different shoe. The Aerial’s are too much for you now. She brought out three different shoes; Brooks – Adrenalines, Saucony – forgot what one and the New Balance – 860V3’s. I tested all three out and not because I’ve wanted the New Balance shoes (because of the NYC edition and the RunDisney Edition), but because they felt the most comfy and supportive. I purchased my shoes and inserts (Green Superfeet) and was on my merry way.

Today marked the start of my Nike Half Marathon training program. It was the Nike Women’s DC run program, I just modified it for my own twelve weeks. I also modified it from doing half marathon training, to do 10k training. I know I’ve run a half before and I’ve run two 10ks before, but I kind of want to start from scratch and do it right.  Plus I’m still nervous about my hip pain. I’m hoping my new shoes help. A lot.

The original training plan calls for a total of 179.3 miles over 12 weeks with the highest mileage in one week being 21 miles. I’ve slightly modified it to be a total of roughly 117 miles (I’m still working out the fine details) with the longest mileage in a week being between 14-16. Like I said, I didn’t want to push it too much, considering Brutus (my hip bursitis), but I also don’t want to half ass it like I did before. I made it more manageable for someone like me to handle and stick with.

So, per my Nike Let’s Turn it up program I was to do 1 mile. I laced up my new shoes, did a few stretches and started running. My calves felt a little twinge, but I think that might just be the adjustment of going from a very high control shoe, to a little more neutral support shoe. I’ll give that a few more days and/or weeks to see if that goes away. The biggest thing I noticed though….While I was running, my hip didn’t hurt. It’s hurting now, but I’m not thinking much of it only because it has been hurting since the Neon Run. I’ll continue to ice it and stretch it out like I have been repeatedly over the last 6 months and see how it feels at the next run; 2.0 miles on Friday. Until then, I’ll do the two NTC (Nike Training Club) workouts and Cross train days.


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Sounds promising 🙂

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