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#Juneathon 9 – Rest Day.
06.09.13, 19:15
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Originally, I was going to go for a bicycle ride today. Then it changed to go on the elliptical. Then I changed to a rest day, since I slept till 10:30am (after going to bed at 12:30am) and taking an accidently nap.  I figured 8 days in a row of activity, one being yesterdays Neon Race and my hip being sore today, I’d give myself a rest. I don’t want to overload myself, somehow get injured and be out for the rest of Juneathon. I’ve done enough of sitting on the sidelines due to injuries for the most part of this year.

Tomorrow, I’ll give it a go.


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I need your smarts… I so desperately want a rest already : S

Comment by rundelrun

Should of just stuck with the 2 hour floor nap…..but I know, couldn’t resist, right?

Comment by Attempted Runner

aint that the sad truth…

Comment by rundelrun

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