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#juneathon 7 – lowest point of the week.
06.07.13, 20:42
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What a day today has been. My coworker asked if I would like to a walk to Whole Foods with her at 9:30 this morning before it got hot. I gladly accepted as I could add the 35 minute outing (total time it took us walking there, shopping and walking back) to my Juneathon activity log. Any activity other than my daily routine counts, right? Well, it was already 80 by then. Get back to the office and get a headache. It was a a weird one, though. I got some lightheadedness action going on. My eyes started to burn. I got nauseous. It just sucked. I didn’t really eat my lunch. I get home (4pm) and still had it. I grabbed a snack when A got home. He asked to go to Dickey’s Car show so we did. It was 98 degrees by this time. I got a Jamba Juice but forgot to take my lactose pill first. We hung out for a bit then finally drove home. Since we were in the truck (1965), there’s no AC, so it was probably 110° in the truck. My eyes started hurting more, my head was hurting. I wanted to vomit. It was the best.
I’m home now and ice packing my head. I don’t mind to much the nausea, its more so the headache that needs to dissapate.
I’m just glad I opted to walk with K to Whole Foods, because there is no way that I’d be doing anything right now other than ice packing. If I didn’t do WF, I would of failed in my Juneathon mission.


Everyone with migraines know that dark rooms and ice packs may be your only hope.


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Doesn’t sound like you’ve had the best of days, but I guess that’s all part of Juneathon! There will be low points and there will be high points. Hope the headache improves soon and good luck for the rest of Juneathon.

Comment by Ian Roberts (@runningman856)

Thanks. The important thing to notice is I still have done some sort of activity this whole time. This is the most active I’ve been in a while.

Comment by Attempted Runner

That’s what happens to me in the heat too. 😦 I’m sorry. I hope you feel better by tomorrow.

Comment by JMH

inch or mile… it’s still something! 🙂

Comment by rundelrun

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