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#Juneathon 5 – I don’t sweat….I glisten.
06.05.13, 21:08
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Happy National Runners Day!!

It only seemed appropriate that my Juneathon day 5 activity be running. As an injured runner, I’ve been a little apprehensive to eunately only because my hip has been doing fairly well. It hasn’t been hurting for a little while since I’ve been doing other activities. Running is what caused the bursitis, so I don’t want to run and aggravate it again and make it hurt or get worse.
Since it has been doing ok, I thought I’d give running a whirl.

I did 2 miles…..

My hip hurts.


At least it’s about a 4 (on the pain threshold) at the moment, when it use to be an 8. I’m hoping by tomorrow it’ll go back down to a 2. I guess I’ll go back to my other activites…. Except for a 5k, Saturday night and then my training begining on Monday.

Hip, I hate you.  

Anyway, I went on the treadmill. Window was open but no fan going and I got a little hot. My shirt, is not made of wicking material. Fail.


I don't sweat. I glisten.


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Brilliant title and great posting, hope the injuries clear up though

Comment by paulkdesigner

Thanks. I hope so too. It’s been almost 6 months now.

Comment by Attempted Runner

“don’t give up running, have your bursitis cured”. Exactly what my former coach told me. I suffered from bursitis for several years and I was also told that running made it worst. I don’t have plans of giving up running, so I tried my best to look for the appropriate treatment for me. I was seen by different specialists, I went from natural remedies to medical science treatment and here’s what I found: Science healing can be trusted.. I had stem cell treatment with Dr Grossman for my bursitis and it was good… and now, to keep my body in good shape, I maintain a healthy, all-natural diet. 🙂

Comment by Michael Garrett

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