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#Juneathon 4: Meredith.
06.04.13, 21:09
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So, the only reality show I watch, since the very first episode to the newest season (honestly, the only reality show I watch), is Extreme Makeover. I adore Chris Powell. I was going to do my workout ealier today but the fiance got hungry so I made dinner. I decided to do my workout while watching exteme makeover with Chris.

This episode was actually rather motivational as the participant this week was Meredith. She was 312 at 5’5 and her goal is to be 155. Her favorite athletic activity is…..


During the course of this episode she is training to run a marathon. It seems very fitting as tomorrow is national running day.

So, this is a pre hoorah for all the runners out there.

Belive it. Be it. – Meredith.

My juneathon #4 activity was playing on the bosu ball for 45 minutes and throwing the kettleball around. This all went on during the first hour of the episode. Second hour, I let my sweat dry.


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