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…It all started with a mouse – Walt Disney

I received a text message followed by a picture from my sister, that contained the ProCompression socks we ordered. She ordered a pair of yellow, just because. I ordered black, just because….and we both ordered red as the first article of clothing to our RunDisney – Disneyland 10k costumes.

We were going to deck ourselves out as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

  • Red Pro Compression socks – cause it’s easier to find than capris.
  • Red Team Sparkle skirts – to still be apart of our bottoms.
  • Yellow tops
  • White suspenders – in place of the white-collar thing.
  • Blue bow ties
  • Propeller hats.

It was a cute idea, but not my first choice. I really wanted to do an UP thing. Her as Kevin, so she can still sparkle and me as Russell. She wasn’t sold on that idea though.  Today I was going to tell her that I wasn’t really wanting to dress up anymore. Then I got an idea while I was looking at the picture of all the ProCompression socks we bought.

The trick to convincing my sister was to tell her, “You should dress as Minnie Mouse,” followed by sending her photos of the items she can wear.

Minnie Mouse Sequins Headband.

 A black tank top.

Team Sparkle Red Polka Dot Minnie Skirt

Black Pro Compression socks.

Her Run Disney New Balance Shoes she got last year.

When all put together, she’ll look like this:

All I need to do, is correlate the outfit with with her magic RunDisney shoes and a little sparkle and she’s sold just because she loves her shoes and gets to sparkle just like she wanted too.

Oh, how she will sparkle.

I immediately knew that the Tweedle Dee was out.  Since it just doesn’t seem right for Minnie to be running with Tweedle Dum, I got to thinking.

I was looking at the Team Sparkle skirts that they have. I thought Gun Metal, but had no ideas to go with it. Turquoise, to match the color on my Captain Raw threads tshirt. I thought Blue, black, teal…….Then, I had an epiphany.

Donald Duck!!

Donald Duck Hat

Red Bowtie

I’ll need to figure out a collar. I’m thinking just use felt I can safety-pin on, or something. Won’t be too heavy or too hot and I can remove it to use the shirt again.

Under Armor Victory Tank (Color: Water).

Gold buttons that to pin by bib on – and to look like the buttons on Donald’s shirt.

White Team Sparkle Skirt.

I’m debating on what color/style to get for the Donalds-legs look. Target, has the orange capri tights and the yellow full foot covered tights. I’ll need to see them in person for which one looks more like Donald’s legs.  I’ll also need to test drive them and see which one feel better and also how hot I get in them. I’ve mentioned multiple times that I get overly hot. So the less amount of clothes, the better. It’ll already be extremely hot running in the hat (I’ve done that a few times already and was just drenched in sweat).  I figure the orange, I wont need to do anything, but the yellow….I think having them cover my feet would be (again) too hot, so I was thinking if I cut that part off and made them capris, would it might be better for heat. I just don’t know if they would fray and unravel. They’re only $5 so I think I’ll get a pair of the full foot ones, run in them that way and see how hot it is, then cut the ankle off and see how they work (unravel or not). Then that will help me also determine which color to get. It might not be a choice of which one looks more like Donald’s legs, but which is less hot inducing.

Essentially, this is the look I’m going for:

I’m posting this now….not to give everyone my fantastic ideas and have you copy me* but to call dibs!



*yes, while looking for the items I was looking for, I saw a ton of other people all over Google with Minnie and Donald outfits…I just ignore them and say its all my own because I had the image in my head before I went to Google.


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You could have just said no to the first idea. But I like this one better anyways.

Comment by JMH

Are you running DL 10k at the end of August?? I’m doing the Dumbo Dare and it’s my first DL races…I have no idea what to wear…thanks for the ideas. Just kidding. :]

I found your blog via Juneathon.

Comment by Christy Hales Buhr

Yep, that’s the one I’m doing. It’ll be by fourth RunDisney race. I’ve done two 5ks, one half and this will be the first 10k. You will have soo much fun!
For outfits, I dressed up for the 5k with more elaborate outfits, since it was a short run. The half, I didn’t because I wanted to be comfortable so I wore clothes I knee were perfect. Since I dressing up for the 10k, I picked something easy, yet comfy. Whatever you decide, I suggest at least a week or two before put on your entire outfit and run at least 2 miles with it so you can see of its comfy or if there are any wardrobe malfunctions. Again, you’re going to have so much fun. I’m already excited!!!

Comment by Attempted Runner

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