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I jumped on the Juneathon bandwagon…
06.01.13, 20:01
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I thought about it all day long. Debating if I should join Juneathon or not. In the end, Juneathon won and I joined. I figured it’ll give me more of a “reason” to be active because like I mentioned just yesterday….I’m not feeling it right now and its rather sad. I was going to go for a run this morning, but didn’t. The rest of the day was a wash because it was 95 degrees (RealFeel 99!) and I get overly hot. I’m afraid of hyperthermia. Instead, I sat in the shade painting my deck that we just built last weekend. That really wasn’t my activity for the day…..that was just my day.  My activity was after hours of waiting for it to cool down (it still hasn’t yet and its 8pm) I hooked up the fan, grabbed a spray bottle (to squirt myself with water every so often. Water on you + a fan = instance coolness!) and jumped on the elliptical.

Since 5 minutes on the elliptical really feels like 25 minutes, I had my laptop cover the screen (My laptop fits perfectly on the magazine/book rack thing of the machine) and watched Netflix. It really helps pass the time.  That’s what I like about running, btw….5 minutes on the elliptical feels like 25 minutes.   25 minutes running, feels like 5 minutes (except when your running for 3+ hours…that does not feel like 5 minutes).


Well, Day one of Juneathon down…..29 more to go.



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