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Failure is always an option. – Mythbusters
05.31.13, 05:38
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This past week almost feels like I have given up. I don’t get it. Last week I did the calorie thing, excercised 5 of the 7 days and it was perfect.

This past week, I have not excercised one bit..I get the urge to at lunch, but by the time I get home from work that is a long gone faded memory…..I haven’t cared about the food intake or even bothered to track everything 100%.

Things show it. I feel it. I don’t know if its tied into a certain week (I’ve dubbed Shark week) that comes in for the female population and makes me hate everything (girls, youre with me on this…..guys. youre very welcome for that piece of knowledge) or because my belly problems.

Other than gluten, I now think I have dairy intolerances which is undersrandale. Dad has it..Gluten intolerant people are more likely to develope it. I know they have pills for it, but I forget. Sometimes I do good and I’m fine, others, by the time I remember, it’s too late. This happens daily.

When my belly hurts, I hate everything.

I figured I’d just give it a few days and hopefully can come back with at least some care into the matter.

I have a training program to start soon….I better care!!!


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I still think it’s not an option.

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