Attempted Runner.

I ran today….away from cows.

I went for a hike today with my sister. We were suppose to arrive at Sunol-Ohlone Regional Park around 9:30, except the GPS directions made us turn too soon and we ended up in Sunol-Ohlone Regional Wilderness. Theoretically, it is the same place but logically it is not a place for my own hiking experience to be in. After driving in about 2 miles into the wilderness, on a one lane narrow, on of a cliff, road and the GPS showing us no longer on a road on the map we turned around and headed back down the main road.

Started driving on the main road again and you know what we find about 1/10th of a mile past the wrong turn that GPS told us to take (The turn we even made a U-Turn to take because we missed it the first time and GPS said to turn around!!!)???? Yep, you guessed it! The park entrance that we REALLY wanted. Ugh, those GPS Navigators trying to get us lost. We drove in, pretending we didn’t get lost (we tend to do that a lot for some reason) and found a parking spot at 10am.

Sunblock, Bug spray, hydration packs and snacks at the ready we walked over to the start of our trail marker.  While my sister was taking pictures of the bridge, I waited for my new gadget (The Garmin ForeRunner 10 -Black/silver that I just got it on Friday) to get GPS signal.


(You’ll probably start seeing a lot more pictures of me in ProCompression socks too, btw – I’m addicted).  

We started our hike and of course the trail is up. They are always are up! My GPS said that we ended up hiking an elevation of 1,700 something feet. We hiked this park once before and at that time we went to the Little Yosemite area, which was about a 3 miles trek….This time I wanted to go over to Cave Rocks…So, we hike up forever (the first full mile was up) and although I was breathing heavy and sweating (it was more from the sun I think…which means I’m getting more endurance!) I was feeling good. We made it to Cave Rock, took some pictures and continued on.


(This was as far as I went inside….I didn’t bring my snakebite kit with me)

We reach mile 2, at this barn that you can actually camp out over night at. Kinda cool…


Along the trail there were a bunch of cows but they were all laying down so we just kept Moo-seying (HA!) along because it wasn’t like they were going to get up and do much of anything……until we ran into this guy.


Now, I’m not an expert at cows or anything, but when something that weighs probably a good 800 pounds (on average for the smaller breeds) and letting out war cries…I don’t want to tempt anything. We got a little closer and he started getting more anxious (?), So, we gave up trying to continue on our trail and turned around. Cow, started following us. I told my sister if Cow starts running….you run faster. So, as we turned back around and Cow found a watering hole (We like to think that he was stressed out because he was lost and thirsty and him following us, led him to water – so we saved Cow’s life) and left us alone. Because we were already back down another hill, we just continued on rather than turning back around again.  Our original trail that we planned to go on was only 4.17 miles, but because Cow got in the way and we turned around – we took a detour back to Little Yosemite and ending up doing a total of 6.71 miles today.


I think the best part about today, minus the hilarity from Cow, was that I improved from the last time I came to Sunol-Ohlone Regional Park. What I mean is, two years ago when we went on the hike here, we went roughly 3 miles. By the first .75 miles (up) I wanted to die. I was sweating bullets, red-faced, couldn’t breath. I had to stop a lot to catch my breath again before I kept on going.  I could even make it up a mile.

This time, we hiked up about 1/2 mile – took our jackets off and continued on. Light sweat, NO red face (trust me….this is a good thing because red face is so embarrassing) and breathing was fine. By the time we ran into Cow and back tracked to the same exact trail that we were on just two years ago, it was already 4.5 miles. I was asking my sister how she was doing, she said a little tired but fine.  I was doing ok too. I was breathing heavier (only because it got steeper – the elevation spiked 400 feet in .35miles) and the back of my knee muscles were getting strained, but other than that I was doing alright.

I felt better today at 4.5 miles after climbing two steep hills, then I did two years ago at .75 miles.  I must say, progress does pay off.


(Little Yosemite has water falls)


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