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My idol wears a bowtie and penny loafers.
05.23.13, 20:05
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If you ask most runners who their running idol is, you might recognize some names; Ryan Hall, Kara Goucher, Hal Higdon, Amby Burfoot, Dean Karnazes, ___keep inserting names here___….

but my idol is none of those people.

My running idol is Dr. Awesome.

For the sake of his own privacy, because I did not ask him if I can use his name/photos and from him not finding this (I haven’t told him he is my idol yet), I will just use the nick name I have given him (Dr. Awesome).

Dr. Awesome is a doctor.  He is not just another joe-schmoe regular doctor, but one of those too-smart-for-his-own good rocket scientist type of doctors.

He has been in the Military (A doctor, there too), sings opera, a member of multiple prestigious clubs/associations, coaches cross-country, my Chief (One step above my manager/director) and has even chopped down a tree with a chainsaw he fixed with his bare hands (he was excited to tell me this story, so I’ll include it).

Other than coaching cross-country, why would he be my running idol?

Dr. Awesome is very nice, smart, funny and modest. Since he is very modest, it has taken me awhile to get details to his amazing stories, but I have gathered enough for you to understand why he is Dr. Awesome, my running idol.

Dr. Awesome:

All below are up to 2010.

  •  Has done 107 ultra marathons
  • Won 32 races (placed first)
  • Completed 18 Marathons
  • Won 3 marathons
  • is a two year in a row winner at the CA Grand Prix
  • was awarded as  the Pacific Association USATF Ultrarunner of the year
  • has a best mile time 0f 4:55
  • Best 5K – 16:39
  • 1ok – 34:42
  • 10 miles – 56:58
  • Half – 1:16
  • Full – 2:37
  • 50k – 3:23:30
  • 50 miles – 5:44:48
  • 100k (trail) – 9:00:42
  • 100 Miles – 18:48:20
  • Has done a total of 137 races with 95% of those ranging from 50k, 50 mile and 100k
  • Has completed the 100 miles races 14 times

After 2010 from what I know:

  • Usually places within the top ten finishes are most races he does
  • Usually places within the top 5 finishes for his age and/or class.
  • Has beaten most of his best (2010) times.
  • Hiked the entire John Muir Trail (215 miles)
  • Lead a group hiking across the John Muir trail and ended up carrying not only his pack, but someone else’s too – in the snow.
  • Ran apart of the John Muir Trail (I think it was roughly 160 miles) in 3 days
  • Hiked the entire Sierra High Route (195 miles) in 8 days
  • Ran down the Grand Canyon, ran UP the Grand Canyon, ran back down and back up within 16 (maybe it was 18?) hours – all the while getting hit in the head with a falling rock and just having Country Time Lemonade (There was other food involved, it just made the story sound better).
  • Went on a run up in the mountains with his daughter and kept up with her  – She was on a horse.
  • Recently ran against one of his cross-country kids and said he went easy on the kid (they finished the 5k in 17 minutes) because he was sore from the day before…..of running 20+ miles on a mountain.
  • Wants to race me….The rules – I do a 10K and he’ll do a half and see who wins (He probably will).
  • Coaches cross-country (meaning running with the team), swims 60 miles a week, bicycles 80 miles a week and runs an additional 60 miles a week.    Where does he find the time?! This is probably why he doesn’t watch movies or TV TV.
  • Can eat 8 pieces of pizza at our department meetings (I counted) and says he can’t put weight on – LUCKY!

Last minute random info:

  • He wears a bowtie daily.
  • He wears penny loafers, with actually pennies in them (with significant dates).
  • He’s almost 50.
  • He just got braces.

Here is one of his bowties…


(Don’t want to show his full photo, because what if he were to come across this post and then know I wrote it! How embarrassing…I’m not ready for that!)

There is probably a bunch more things that I am forgetting, because honestly, what doesn’t this guy do?  He just completely amazes me at the things he has accomplished.

Dr. Awesome is one of those people who have the type of stories that you think are a total lie because there is no way they can be true……except that they are true.  He is like that Dos Equis beer guy, only real.  I’ve seen records, photos and whatever else for proof. Not that I needed it because I’d believe him anyway.

I’ve known him and worked for him for the last 4 years and although we have a great relationship….

Yes, he is my boss….

Yes, I was very intimidated by him when I first met him…

Yes, we joke around way more than we should….

Yes, we joke around way more than we should when we’re suppose to be professional (during meetings)….

and yes, etiquette says you are supposed to address a Doctor by Dr. __(Insert their last name here)___ but he insists that I call him just by his first name…..but I don’t because it just feels weird, so we’ve met in the middle and I just call him by his last name…

Despite all that…..

I still can’t tell him he’s my idol.


One day, I will tell Dr. Awesome how much I admire him, but for now I’ll just secretly blog about it.






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He’s my idol too. He’s freaking amazing!

Comment by JMH

What an amazing guy! I’d be in awe too if I met him or met someone like him.

Comment by utalap

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