Attempted Runner.

Pointless Post: Weekly recap.

Pointless Post: recapping 5/13 – 5/17.

Why have a pointless post? Because why not? These, at the moment, pointless things, may be the memories I want to remember when I get Alzheimer’s (It does run in the family, after all).

After having a nice three-day vacation, I came back to work and looked at my calendar already anticipating my 4 day vacation (Memorial weekend). I’m just not sure which calendar I was more excited to look at…My work calendar (right) or my Nike Let’s Turn It Up Half Marathon 12 week training calendar (left) that I will be using for my 10k (train for 13.1, only run 6.2) at Disneyland’s RunDisney event in August. I’m suppose to start on 6/10, but I think I’ll just repeat the first two weeks, during the next two weeks cause I don’t like anticipation and 14 week training programs never hurt anyone.


Tuesday, was pretty much uneventful so I don’t really mind not having any Pointless post photos.

Wednesday, marked one month since the Boston Marathon Bombings….I didn’t realize this until around 7:45am when I noticed that the flags were no longer flying at half mast (My company flew them there for a month in honor of all the victims…Score for my Company). Without even realizing it, while getting dressed in the dark, I subconsciously am Boston Strong because I wore my shirt! Because, seriously? Who follows dress codes when you can be wearing t-shirts in honor of those we will not forget?….I won’t forget.


Wednesday, I starting thinking how I ever lost any weight.  I mean, I lost 50 pounds (52.4 this morning) and managed to keep it off….but I just wonder how I did it because sometimes, the things I eat have me wondering what’s really going on here.

These are Nacho Fries……They are my fries.  🙂


(French Fries [because I somehow ended up with 4 bags in the freezer and need to use them up], Denison’s Chili, Lettuce, Onions, Shredded Mexican Cheese, Nacho Cheese [figures], Sour Cream, jalapeno and Salsa)

The Best of Times.

Thursday, I ordered this hat from ….


Because I wanted a Trucker hat to wear around…Why else do people buy hats?

I also fell off the loading docks at work. Hahahahahahahaha. Klutz.  My office’s back door is right by one of the small loading docks (it’s about a 2 foot ledge), and we normally jump on/off it all the time and it was only a matter of time before one of us ate it.

It just happened to be my time.


You should see the other guy.

Good thing I work in a hospital, huh? Surgical Soap, Antiseptic ointment and Band-Aids are always at the ready.

Friday, Milo tried to give me puppy dog eyes in order to get my food (Salad, Fries [I mean it when I say I need to use them] and Zatarans Dirty Rice mix with Jimmy Dean’s Turkey sausage crumbles…..Again, how did I lose all the weight????……and I thought going Gluten Free would be boring).


My Chiweenie is better than your Chiweenie.

And lastly, Friday night – I snatched images and videos from other people’s Facebook and blog because I liked them…


(taken from Life in the Day of a Runner’s Facebook)

The reason why I didn’t PR at my last race:

“Because I trained for 3.1 miles and the course was actually 3.2 miles”

This video is great…..I borrowed it from Skinny Chick’s Blog.

Annnnd that, is my pointless recap.


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