Attempted Runner.

My vacation took up my weekend.

Thursday night was the start of my vacation. I even got my yellow ProCompression socks in too! They’re my second pair. I think I found my newest addiction. I liked the way I felt while wearing the purple at my race the week prior.


We left to go to Southern California on Friday morning. Being gluten free on road trips is a lot harder than it was when I wasn’t GF. There is nothing along highway 5 except for fast food and fast food is always a risky choice – biggest cross contamination possibilities. I can go to Subway or Jack in the box, etc. and get a salad but that’s not always fun. I would love to stop at Chipotle at the Grapevine, except my traveling buddies don’t like it and its 4 hours away. I get hungry.

I packed a few items that I do not need a refrigerator for and I was able to toss in my backpack for snacks during the weekend.


Van’s Multigrain/Everything crackers, Van’s Honey Nut Crunch cereal, Mandarin Oranges, Luna Protein bar, Rudi’s Gluten Free bread with a Smuckers jelly pack and Planters Peanut Butter and the left over Homemade Fried Rice (not photo’d) I made the night before. Also two packs of GlutenEase – I’m not sure if they actually do work but it doesn’t hurt to try is risky situations.  My snacks were not much, but they were better than nothing. Driving down, I ate a few crackers, the Luna bar and my friend rice. I’m not kidding you, my metabolism has kicked into high gear or something. I’m hungry like every 2 hours! Starving, hungry. I’m not use to that. Its good, but annoying.

We finally get down to Van Nuy’s (Not my first, second or even tenth choice of locations to go for vacation but this was A’s weekend) for a car show that A goes to every year. Although he thinks we’ll skip it next year only because this year was a little boring. It was also crazy hot (99 degrees).
Our usual hotel did a little remodeling so it looks like I was somewhere more fancy than actually I was.


We pretty much just hung around the bar on Friday night waiting for all our friends and the other car show participants to show up. We ate lunch (I had salad cause it was the only safe thing on the menu….I better have lost at least a pound this weekend! My luck, I probably gained two). While the guys were talking about car stuff, I was playing on my phone.

You know you are a runner when this is what your Amazon screen looks like:


We planned to go to BJ’s for dinner but apparently EVERYONE in the county had the same idea. It was crazy packed so we ended up going to the hotel’s restaurant (that was way too expensive for what you got). I opted for the chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli because again, it was the safest choice I could choose from.  Day 1 of no gluten contamination = CHECK.

Saturday, we woke up early, I got milk from the café and had my GF cereal then headed over to the park. We did the car show and swap meet thing, not much to say about that. It was a lot smaller this year. I did get Nacho’s (of course I did!) from one of the food vendors as a snack to share with A….ya know, since my metabolism is going nuts right now. I figured it was safe because you can’t really contaminate corn tortilla chips and a giant can of nacho cheese (both of which are GF….I know my brands).  I also had my PB&J that I packed. I think we were at the cars show from 7am – 3pm before we bailed. It was just too hot!!!


A and I when it was still around 65 and we weren’t dying in 99 degree weather yet.

We went back to the hotel to hang out for a bit before the nightly festivities. We hung out in the room (with the AC cranked!), watched a few movies and hung out by the pool.  They were having a night time car show at the Bob’s Big Boy in Northgate, so we drove over to check that out.


We didn’t want to eat at Bob’s Big Boy because I didn’t want salad and most likely I couldn’t have anything else, so we planned to go to Claim Jumpers. Again….SO DID EVERYONE ELSE! Why are there so many people eating out in Van Nuys area? My gosh. We left Claim Jumpers and drove to Chili’s…same thing! I was getting a head ache and told A just to go to Chipotle and then they can stop anywhere they they wanted for dinner. The lovely fiance he is, obliged. I got my burrito bowl (Because I know you are dying to know what I order….I got, same as always, the Burrito Bowl: Brown Rice, Black Beans, Fajita, Vegetarian, Pico De Gallo, Corn Salsa, Guacamole and Lettuce…..I use to get cheese and sour cream, but I made cut backs for the calorie content). We drove back over to Bob’s big boy to see if anyone else showed up (they didn’t. I’m telling you, this year was really a dud) and the guys were getting hungry so we went on and adventure to find them something to eat. We found a pizza place and I noticed that they served GF crust! SCORE for next time. I asked the pizza guy if they can make me this pizza in GF, but he said not yet…It’s only made in regular crust.


Everyone needs to have a 54″ by 54″ pizza. If 7 people finish it in 2 hours they get $1000! In my hay-day I probably could have been one of those 7 to attempt it.

After they ate, we kinda just hung out for a quick minute and went to bed… part, no contamination day #2 – check!!
It might not be the greatest news to you, but when you are GF and on vacation it’s tough work and always a higher risk of getting contaminated.

Today (Sunday) we woke up went to the car show again to see if anything changed (it didn’t) and then finally packed up and headed home.

As sad as these cows make me…..I’ll get to smell them again in August when I drive down for the….::::plays magical music::: DISNEYLAND HALF MARATHON WEEKEND!!!!! I’m only doing the 10k this year, but it’s still going to be great times.


These are the Old River Road cows….not the Coalinga cows. They both smell just as nice though.

We drove forever and I got snacks at the gas station to hold me over….and the 99 cent Jack in the box salad. We finally get back into the bay area and dropped A’s dad off and then went to pick up my pups from my parents house. Told mom happy mothers day and my dad happy birthday, hung out briefly then left to go home. We still had to drive about 45 more minutes to get home. I did realize that I missed my boys dearly. I also realized that Milo no longer likes car rides and gets scared and hides.


But Jesse still doesn’t have a care in the world.


After forever. We finally made it home and I couldn’t have been happier. Vacations are nice and all, but sometimes its great to be home.



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I’m afraid of my first GF road trip.

Comment by JMH

It’s going to be a piece of cake. Because you are going with someone who is GF so there will be no other choices to eat at, except the GF places. We have a fridge in the hotel and we are the ones who will stop at chipotle. :0)

Comment by Attempted Runner

Thank goodness for that.

Comment by JMH

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