Attempted Runner.

Cracktastrophies and hot weather…not my favorite.


This past weekend, I did the Survivor (NorCal) Mud Run. Although it was fun, I expected a little bit more mud. I overheard someone saying that because it was so hot they were on some sort of water shortage and usually this time it rains but it didn’t. It was a little lacking in mud but whatever. I still got my medal!


What I didn’t expect was to rip my pants! Apparently, sliding down a muddy hill does not made for a good slide. Just because it is muddy, doesn’t mean there are not any rocks! I ripped my pants, scratched and bruised my butt. Don’t ask me how, but I also sliced the very top and dead center of my buttcrack (Yes, I’m probably laughing just as much as you). I have no idea how that happened but alas, I did it.  Now that is what I call a cracktastrophie.


That’s the hole in my pants…just picture the bruise. What once was black and purple is starting to turn a lovely yellow/green.

After the Survivor mud run, I felt strong. Maybe because I hurdled myself over the three walls because my very tiny muscles that are starting to form can pull me up. So, I thought I’d step up the strength training some more. Which meant that on Monday I ran 2 miles and then did the Slim Chance Nike Training Club (NTC) work out. Ugh, the NTC workouts kill me! Tuesday my already bruised butt was now sore from all the squats, lunges, wood chops, split jumps and so on and so on but its worth it. My knee didn’t think so…..check out this wicked bruise I developed..

I get injured a lot.


Covers the entire knee cap!! Don’t ask how these things happen. I just have old bones and weak joints. I blame the Gluten intolerance (true story, I read somewhere that the gluten thing does something like prevent the absorption of calcium to cause weak bones…I’ll just say its also the reason for weak joints to make a point). So, I did what any normal person would do….


I slapped the Duct Tape of sports (kt tape – to heal the bruise (that’s proven too! KT tape will help bruises heal faster) and decided to finally start taking vitamins to counteract whatever I’m lacking. Target brand vitamins better work just as well cause what else would I do with 400 tablets of Calcium/VitD if it doesn’t work? I also got Omega 3 Fatty Acid Odorless Fishoil at work today. I’m hoping my joints/bones will heal in no time! I’ll be like the bionic woman and not feel any aches or pains.


I took two days off work (not because of my bruised butt or knee) but because it was my 7 year anniversary with A. I took two days off to celebrate, while he worked. Ha ha sucker! You know you are a runner when you buy a non runner, running shoes for an anniversary present. He needed a new pair of tenny-shoes, as my dad calls them, so why not New Balance?


and I bought myself Hummus, because anything that has Jalapeno in it, I must try.  It’s also my newest Food Obsession. I also bought myself ProCompression ( socks in Marathon Yellow. I had a good reason to buy them…………..They matched my RawThreads ( comfy as all heck Boston Strong tribute t-shirt with all proceeds going to It’ll also match my Addidas Boston tribute t-shirt…which all proceeds are going to the OneFundBuston fund as well.

IMG_20130502_111642procomp PhotoGrid_1367622267203

Not only was it my 7 year anniversary (4/30) but it was also Milo’s 8th birthday (5/2). I got him a treat, a new baby that Jesse stole and some ice cream because its been so hot these last few days. 90 degrees in my area. I find it funny that it was 90-95 the last three days, this weekend will be 75-80 and then 60 with rain next week.

Welcome to California, folks. Enjoy the weather.

  IMAG0718 IMAG0721-1

That’s Milo with his treat and Dragon baby…and Jesse being held in front of the AC because he was so hot.

Yes, my little guys are spoiled.


That’s my weekly recap…..I have a 5k tomorrow. I’m hoping 1. it won’t be balls hot. 2. my compression socks (I’ll be wearing purple) and KT tape (blue) will save the day. 3. I like to clash colors apparently, cause I’ll be wearing my yellow Adidas Boston shirt. 4. I FINALLY hit the 30s and set the greatest PR since my last one.


My fingers are crossed.



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