Attempted Runner.

How come I’m the only one who cannot do this?
04.30.13, 14:31
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I was looking through a bunch of “I’m just starting this running thing” blogs and I’m even worse than I actually thought I was. My first 5k was 49 minutes and some odd ball seconds. My fastest (officially timed) 5k is 40:14, but yet I seem to always average 43 minutes.

Yes, I know I didn’t train as well as I should have in the past but reading these blogs just make me think I suck even more and should just give up because apparently everyone else can do this but me.

Tons of blogs say that people have just completed their first 5k and they are running them anywhere between 27-38 minutes. Some said they trained (ok, granted those people had good course times). Some trained a little bit (That’s what I did) and some didn’t train at all……WHAT THE HECK! The ones with little training and even no training at all are faster than me. Their do one 5k and…yea, don’t judge me, 26!!!!! 5k’s behind my belt and they are still faster than me!

Talk about a reality check. Here I was thinking that I wasn’t as bad as I could be, just a little below average but boy….was I wrong.  I am worse off than I should be. The just starting out times apparently seems to be  35-40 minutes. Then ones they do it regularly, they start averaging closer to 30 minutes.

This is just another reason why I need to do this for real this time. Its depressing.

I have a 5k this Saturday. I’m not going to hold my breath that I’ll FINALLY break into the 30’s but I’m going to try damn hard.





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